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Gearbox Manufacturers from Around the World


We supply the very best gearboxes and gear-motors from the best manufacturers from all over the world, so here we will highlight just a few of the gearbox builders who’s parts we are proud to supply.

Martinena Gearboxes and Gear-Motors

Martinena Transmissions are a leading company from Spain who specialise in the manufacture of reducers and geared motors. Their range of products includes multiple types of Corona Worm gearboxes and geared motor units with parallel axes, as well as several varieties of orthogonal gears, coaxial gears and a series of epicyclic gearboxes. They also design and build mechanical variators and electric motors, with many of their products designed to meet specific needs such as applications with cooling towers, extruders or cranes.

Martinena’s Standard series of reducers, gear-motors and variators boast an excellent versatility of application and are often the ideal solution with regard to their fine balance of quality and price. The products in the High Tech series of Martinena gearboxes are designed to be used in applications where high performance and the ability to withstand constant stress is absolutely necessary.

Shimpo Gearboxes

Nidec-Shimpo have developed into one of the most global manufacturers of gearboxes and geared motor units. They have manufacturing plants in Kyoto, Japan, and Shanghai in China. They also have a headquarters in Illinois in the United States, and a presence on five continents in total.

Shimpo’s servo grade gearboxes are designed to provide enhanced flexibility and ease of configuration. The Shimpo High Precision Gearboxes are a series that boasts multiple types of gearing technologies including planetary, worm and rotary stage, which all of them achieving the highest level of precision and performance.

Feiteng Geared Motors

Feiteng are a Chinese manufacturer of induction motors, stepper motors, reversible motors and brake motors. They also build variable speed motors, brake motor speed and torque motors. Other products in their range include DC brush motors and brush-less DC motors, as well as bevel helical geared motors and speed controllers.

Their geared motor unit products are often used in applications using machine tools and machinery in the textile, transportation, printing and food industries. They are also widely employed in packaging machinery and vending machines, as well as with the likes of computerized flat knitting machines, automatic tables and a variety of office and medical equipment. Solar power and other inductive fields also benefit from Feiteng gearboxes, with gearboxes suppliers YB Components keeping local stocks of these parts and the others mentioned in this post so that they are ready to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

In addition to the fast and free shipping, companies based near the local stocks in Yorkshire can expect same day delivery for the gear-motors they need.

If you require gearboxes or gear-motors manufactured by Martinena, Shimpo or Feiteng, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading gearboxes suppliers.