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Gearbox Maintenance: Top Five Tips


There are a lot of different gearbox styles out there but they all require the same thing: careful maintenance. To maximise the performance of your gearbox, it is always wise to conduct regular inspections to ensure it is running at its optimal capacity. However, a full-on inspection will usually require your machine to undertake unnecessary downtime, though this is still better than requiring a gearbox repair service because you didn’t catch a problem in time.


There are plenty of extra bits and bobs we can do to care for our gearboxes, but in the interests of brevity, here’s a rundown of the top five tips for gearbox maintenance.


Minimise Environmental Effects for Increased Performance


Gearboxes are often operating in less than ideal environments. There can be a lot of dust and dirt floating about in an industrial setting, so minimising how this unavoidable issue affects your gearboxes is important. Regularly dusting the gearbox and covering any vulnerable areas is a good start, and keeping your machine clear of dust and dirt can help increase its performance and avoid any need for gearbox repair services.


Regulate the Gearbox Ratings to Maximise Efficiency


Monitor the gearbox’s mechanical and thermal ratings to ensure they are always within the manufacturer’s specifications. It happens more often than you’d think that a gearbox’s application stretches it beyond its original means. Also make sure to pay attention to the gearbox manufacturer as the specifications may vary between a particular item made by Liming Gearboxes and a similar product manufactured by Heynau Gearboxes or Bauer.


Regularly Inspect Contacts to Minimise Wear and Tear


All gearboxes are prone to wear and tear so it’s worthwhile knowing how to inspect a gearbox in order to nip any problems in the bud. Leaving any spalling or pitting unaddressed can cause additional damage to the gearbox, so it’s always worthwhile catching any deterioration in quality early. As well as looking for damage, also inspect the alignment of gear teeth to ensure they are optimised.


Monitor the Temperature to Reduce Overheating


Allowing your gearboxes to overheat is a sure fire way to reduce their lifespan quickly. Instead, it’s better to constantly monitor the temperature using an infrared thermometer and take action whenever the temperature spikes. You can also keep an eye out for any discoloration on the machine’s exterior, maybe peeling paint or dark patches. Also look for collections of oil which are another indicator of an overheating problem.


Avoid Gearbox Repair Services with Lubrication


Keeping your gearbox lubricated is very important, but once again you should check with the individual gearbox manufacturers and apply whatever lubricant specifications they advise. Different gearboxes might require different kinds of lubricant type or grade. There may be varying quantities to take note of as well, as you don’t want to over or under lubricate the gearbox.


No matter how well we care for our gearboxes, they are going to require a gearbox repair service or outright replacement every so often. The main problem then is that sourcing the correct unit for your machine can take up so much time, but it doesn’t need to.


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