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Gearbox lubrication: What are the best practices?


Spagiarri gearboxes, Sirem gearboxes, Zurrer gearboxes, Worm gearboxes, or just about every type of industrial gearbox you care to mention, all have one thing in common – they need to be kept well-lubricated to remain in good working condition.

With heavier work schedules and carrying greater loads than ever before, gearbox lubrication is more important than ever.

Modern gearboxes might be getting sleeker, smaller and better designed, but that does by no means make them void of requiring regular oil lubrication.

Like every aspect of machinery maintenance there are certain procedures you should carry out in order to lubricate industrial gearboxes efficiently and help prolong their life and optimise their output.

Take a look at the following advice on achieving effective gearbox lubrication.

Selecting the right oil

Sumitomo might recommend using a particular type of oil to lubricate a Sumitomo gearbox. Whilst Spaggiari may endorse the use of a different oil for a Spaggiari worm gearbox. Most industrial component manufacturers have their own brands that they recommend.

However, as Gear Solutions advises, a manufacturer’s recommendation should be a guideline rather than the final word, as the manufacturer will not be able to anticipate all the conditions under which a particular gearbox may be operating.

When it comes to determining the best type of oil for industrial gearboxes, it is important to consider the operating conditions of the gearbox.

Climatic conditions

For example, the climatic conditions of the machinery should be taken into consideration. If the gearbox is prone to dust, heat, or moisture, it could affect the type of lubrication required.

If the gearbox is difficult to reach it could be that it has not been lubricated as often as it should be, which again could affect the type of lubrication required for optimum results.

The build-up of debris could be an indication of insufficient maintenance, which could influence the best lubrication solution.

Maintaining the correct amount of oil

Like vehicles, industrial machinery can lose oil and, similar to cars, operating with inadequate amounts of oil in its engine, can seriously hamper a machine’s efficiency.

Whether you operate a Spaggiari worm gearbox or a Pujol Muntala gearbox, or any other type of gearbox for industrial use, ensuring it is burning the correct amount of oil is an important preventative maintenance technique.

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again, gearbox oil is a gearbox’s life blood, neglect gearbox lubrication and you’re setting yourself up for an inefficient piece of machinery.

If your gearbox is not working at its optimum or has ceased up altogether, UK customers can benefit from YB Component’s gearbox repair service. Simply send us your gearbox for a full inspection and report – free of charge!  

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