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Four Ways to Keep Industrial Machinery Safe


Safely operated industrial-level machinery helps many businesses completes necessary and valuable tasks on time and in good order. But the key word there is obviously ‘safely’, because when heavy machinery is operated incorrectly, it can be extremely hazardous to the operator and anyone else in the vicinity. That is not good business practice.

The incorrect and unsafe use of industrial machinery is a common cause of workplace injury, and even occasional fatalities. However, such serious consequences can be easily avoided if certain safety measures are undertaken correctly.

It is vital that business owners and machine operators are aware of the best machine safety practices, so below are four of the best ways to keep industrial machinery safe.

Machine Operators Must Always be Fully Trained

Heavy industrial machinery is capable of doing a lot of damage so the operators must know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it properly at all times to maintain perfect machinery safety. Operating powerful machinery requires intensive training and not just a quick run-through in how the basics work. By attempting to operate any heavy machinery without full and proper training, or knowingly allowing someone else to, you are putting yourself and all nearby co-workers at serious risk of injury or worse.

Always Wear the Correct Safety Equipment

A lot of heavy machinery requires the wearing of a particular piece of safety equipment and thus all operators must wear such work safety gear at all times when operating the machine. The equipment might be a hardhat to protect the head from falling objects or safety goggles to protect the eyes from flying particles, sparks, spurting liquids or just heavy dust and dirt. Another common piece of safety equipment are gloves to protect the hands from extreme heat and other dangers, so make sure all of these are in plentiful supply.

Ensure All Machinery Has Necessary Guarding

The guarding surrounding a machine or even just a part of a machine is crucial to safe practice because they are there to prevent the likes of fingers or bits of clothing from getting caught in fast-moving or rotating parts such as those found in worm gearboxes or conveyors with variable speed belts. Before commencing the operation of a machine, always ensure the correct guarding is affixed securely in place.

Keep a Regular Machine Maintenance Schedule

It is also important to regularly check the machine components are all in good working order. A worm gearbox may be currently operating just fine, but there may be a coupling on one of the attached shafts that is wearing down and will soon make the machine prone to slipping or irregular movements. A conveyor chain or variable speed belt might operate perfectly fine right up until the moment the increasing wear and tear gets too much and it snaps. Avoid issues like this by keeping a regular maintenance schedule and replacing any worn or broken parts as soon as possible.

There are couplings suppliers and distributors of other parts like variable speed belts who can deliver replacement parts quickly, though it is always better to be ahead of the game and order the necessary parts before the machine requires any downtime for repairs.

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