Flender Couplings Quick Guide  


There are a lot of Flender couplings available through Flender suppliers YB Components to suit just about every engineering application in the world. Here we go through each Flender coupling design to give you a quick overview as to what each one is for.


The Flender ARPEX coupling is an all-steel coupling designed for high speed and high torque applications. These Flender couplings are very compact and boast a particularly good power-to-weight ratio. ARPEX couplings are also very versatile and are considered a universal coupling.


Flender BIPEX couplings are also compact, but are even more flexible making them ideal for high speed applications such as geared motors and pump drives. There are different types of BIPEX coupling available, such as the BIPEX-S that features vibration-damping and a special electrically insulating plug-in elastomer that makes it extremely resistant to wear and tear as well as requiring little maintenance.


The ELPEX couplings also available through Flender suppliers are highly flexible ring and tyre couplings designed for drive applications such as piston compressors and piston pumps, plus the likes of internal combustion engines and heavy duty construction vehicles. The ELPEX couplings are especially useful for drives that experience high shock loads or significant shaft misalignments. There is also the ELPEX-B coupling variation that transmits torque without circumferential backlash in applications that feature irregular torque characteristics.


The Flender FLUDEX couplings are fluid couplings that feature a soft-start torque limitation during the start and any eventual overload. The FLUDEX have excellent vibration separation and damping of oscillation to reduce restoring forces to a minimum, which makes them most suitable for conveyors, mixers and pumps. Flender’s FLUDEX couplings also operate according to the Föttinger principle (also known as the hydrodynamic principle).


The N-EUPEX couplings by Flender are flexible pin couplings that compensate for shaft misalignments in applications where the drive has to be quickly disconnected due to any failure of the flexible parts. Flender N-EUPEX couplings are popular with pump drives and other high speed applications.


The RUPEX design available through Flender couplings suppliers is a flexible pin and bush coupling that is best suited for applications using medium-to-high torque. Such applications include cement mixers and processing machines, as well as cranes, conveyors and screw pumps. The RUPEX couplings operate as flexible compensating couplings when a machine needs a reliable transmission of torque under harsh operating conditions. There are a few variants of the RUPEX coupling, with some including a brake disk, axial play limiting device or brake motor couplings.


There are also a few variants of the Flender ZAPEX coupling which is essentially an oil and grease lubricated universal gear coupling. The applications it is best suited for include paper machines, cement mixers and agitators, as well as the likes of pumps, conveyors, compressors other various heavy construction machinery.

If you require any Flender couplings or any other brand of flexible couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Flender couplings suppliers.