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Finding the Right Flexible Coupling


Couplings are one of the most commonly sought after machine components as they are necessary to connect two shafts together as a way of transmitting power from one to the other. This demanding role means they experience a lot of wear and tear and are thus one of the most frequently replaced parts of many different types of machine.

Different Types of Coupling

There are two types of coupling in their most basic form, the rigid type and the flexible type. The former are usually found in applications that require very precise alignment, with the latter mostly used in applications where even a slight amount of misalignment between the shafts can be expected or even necessary.

Flexible couplings accommodate misalignment while still be able to transmit the necessary torque. They will also be able to accommodate a variety of misalignments such as lateral, axial or angular. Usually a significant misalignment means the motor operates less efficiently, but flexible couplings compensate for this and enable machines that naturally cause misalignment to continue operating efficiently.

The flexibility of a coupling can help prevent the shafts from breaking during sudden or prolonged misalignment, reduce the risk of bearing failure and minimise vibration. The types of motion also differ in various applications so some flexible couplings will be designed for continuous motion while others might be more suitable for regular starts and stops. The difference is primarily due to multiple starts and stops creating much more vibration than continuous motion, therefore some will be designed to dampen vibrations and help reduce the settling time of the machine. On the other hand, applications with continuous motion will favour superior torsional strength over vibration dampening capabilities.

There are also some applications that need extra precise motion control and thus will need zero-backlash couplings.

Flexible Couplings Supplier in Yorkshire

Flexible couplings suppliers, Yorkshire-based YB Components, supply a wide range of flexible couplings from many of the best flexible coupling manufacturers from around the world. Local stocks are kept so businesses in and around Yorkshire can expect extra fast delivery, possibly even on the same day as the order is made. Delivery is also fast and free around the rest of the UK and the world too.

One of the couplings manufacturers available to order is Trasco, who have the omocinetic coupling design by SIT that produces the best operational performance relative to their size. There are also specialist flexible and zero-backlash couplings from Dinal, Desch and Tschan.

Another high quality options comes from German manufacturer Kauermann, designer of the Kegelflex coupling. These special couplings are designed to be extremely flexible, although though they do need to be mounted correctly in order for the shafts to benefit from the superior flexibility the product provides.

If you require any flexible or zero-backlash couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading flexible coupling supplier in Yorkshire who can ship these crucial machine parts all over the UK and the world.