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Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings


Falk are one of the most respected coupling manufacturers in the world and all Falk suppliers such as YB Components will be aware of the popularity of their steelflex grid coupling range. Below we take a closer look at these particular products.

T10 Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings

The T10 model of Falk steelflex grid couplings is a close coupled and general purpose design that features double-flexing and is best suited for use with four-bearing systems. The T10 coupling has a horizontally split cover which has been specifically integrated to enable uncomplicated grid replacement without moving the connected equipment.

The T10 Falk couplings are able to accommodate torque loads up to a maximum of 932,126Nm. The maximum shaft diameters they can accommodate is 58cm. They are available in twenty-five different sizes starting at 1020T and running up to 1260T in various increments.

T20 Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings

The T20 model of Falk steelflex grid coupling is also a close coupled and general purpose design featuring double-flexing, although this T20 model is significantly better suited to higher running speeds than the T10 model. Again a predominant feature is the vertically split cover which enables grid replacement without necessitating movement of the connected equipment.

The torque load accommodation is 74,570Nm with a maximum shaft diameter of 25.4cm. Although available in a wider range of sizes compared to the T10, the T20 Falk coupling only comes in sixteen increments within the range of 1020T to 1170T.

T31 and T35 Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling

Falk’s T31 steelflex grid coupling is a different kind of general purpose design, with each coupling in the range being a ‘full spacer’ which is primarily ideal for pump action applications. The construction of the T31 Falk coupling includes a centre section that has been designed to pop out for easy maintenance of the seals, bearings and other components of the connected equipment.

This coupling’s maximum torque load accommodation is 186,440Nm with a maximum shaft diameter of 53cm. There are nineteen sizes available starting from 1020T up to a maximum of 1200T.

T35 Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings

The T35 Falk steelflex grid coupling is a ‘half spacer’ with an all-purpose design that will also best suit pump applications. Again the centre section is designed to pop out and provide easy access to the seals, bearings and other inner components of the connected equipment for maintenance purposes.

Just like the T31, the T35 is available in nineteen incremental sizes ranging between 1020T and 1200T. It also has the exact same torque load and shaft diameter accommodations, which are maximums of 186,440Nm and 53cm respectively.

Falk T41 and T41-2 Steelflex Grid Couplings

Falk’s T41 and T41-2 steelflex grid couplings are general purpose designs specially engineered to provide an adjustable slipping action which protects connected equipment from the likes of jams, overloads and impact shocks.

The torque loads of both the T41 and the T41-2 reach a maximum of 108,460Nm and both have a maximum shaft diameter of 49.8cm. Available sizes range between 1020T and 1200T in nineteen increments.

If you require any Falk steelflex grid couplings then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Falk suppliers.