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Exploring Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd


Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of many different types of industrial machinery components, primarily speed reduction motors, helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers. The Li-Ming company – sometimes stylised as Liming Machinery Co Ltd – have spent many years focusing on upgrading their designs and improving the performance of their gear reducers, gearboxes and motors.


An Industrial Parts Manufacturer Dedicated to Innovation


The company prides itself on adhering to their self-applied principle of innovation, constantly seeking to make design breakthroughs which can influence the industry on the whole. Their philosophy involves a combination of technical efficiency and high-tech equipment operated by skilled technicians. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, as Li-Ming products such as the Li-Ming speed reducers, Li-Ming gearboxes and Li-Ming reversible motors, are all widely used in appropriate machines across a wide variety of industries.


Liming Machinery Co Ltd make good use of their many years of professional experience to create distinguished machining technology designed and developed by their own engineers. Part of the company’s mission statement is a dedication to the development of all types of speed reducers and motors equipped with special transmission systems that can meet the rigorous expectations of their demanding customers.


A Brief History of Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd


Li-Ming Machinery was founded back in 1969 as an iron works which designed and manufactured conveyor systems as well as reducers and other special application machinery. The company then expanded throughout the 1970s, beginning to specialise in the design and manufacture of gear reducers and worm gear reducers. Li-Ming achieved the ISO-9002 certification in 1997 and ISO-9001:2000 in 2002, before continuing to grow into the worldwide brand it is known as today.


Liming Gearboxes and Gear Redcuers


There are many different kinds of Li-Ming gearboxes, including a huge variety of gear reducers. Among their designs are the excellent Planetary Gear Reducers which are available with different levels of precision. There are also Wormgear Reducers that can be ordered with a low backlash specification or with an adjustable backlash option.


Other options include the limited range of High Precision Hypoid Gear Reducers, and the High Hollow Rotary Actuator Reducers. There are also a wide variety of Spiral Bevel reducers.


Liming Reversible Motors


One of the most popular Liming gearbox designs is the Li-Ming reversible motor, which enables certain machines to operate forwards and backwards. Essentially they are motors in which the direction of the rotating shafts can be reversed by some means, usually via an electronic switch, that simply changes the motor connections while the motor is stopped.


There are some designs which may allow the operator to switch motor direction mid-operation in certain conditions. Of course, the versatility of these motors will only suit very specific applications, but when required they are always of the high quality you would expect from Liming Machinery Co Ltd.


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