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Exploring Heidelberg Printing Machines


Heidelberg has been a major player in the global printing industry for a long time now, providing many of their clients and partners with high quality printing press solutions. They have recently been helping to advance the digitalisation of the industry, innovating ever newer and digitally integrated production processes. However, no matter how modern many of their recent innovations are, there are still many businesses around the world that rely on their older printing press models for their company’s internal and external printing-related processes.


That’s where Heidelberg parts suppliers become invaluable, providing special components such as the pulley for Heidelberg printing machines to ensure the businesses using them can keep their printing presses operational at all times.


Heidelberg Company Expansion


Nearly 12,000 people are currently employed by Heidelberg, with approximately a third of that number involved in Heidelberg’s global sales and service network. In their native Germany as well as other plants around the world in places such as China and Nigeria, they produce automated and versatile high-tech printing machinery which they can customise according to customer requirements.


Thanks to global sales of their products and services generating consolidated sales of around €2.5 billion annually (which was the reported figure for the 2015/16 period), the company has been expanding by gearing its product portfolio towards the growing segments of their industry. Obviously they focus primarily on printing equipment, but there is a large market for services and printing consumables associated with their printing press machines. In fact, together, the servicing and consumable elements account for approximately half of all their business.


As mentioned above, the equipment side of the business is also an area that Heidelberg is seeking to expand in, with their product portfolio seeing advancements in their packaging and digital departments. While some of the more modern digital machines incorporate smaller and more computer-orientated operational capacities, other larger models still include replaceable parts such as the pulley for Heidelberg printing machines. Heidelberg themselves have stated that it is their priority to “…integrate and automate customers’ entire value chains and thereby to enhance the competitiveness of print shops.”


They also aim to advance system operations so they are increasingly smart and autonomous in the future. In fact, their products, services and consumables have been continuously customised to adhere to specific future-oriented customer requirements which are, of course, geared towards enhancing the economic success of their business models.


Heidelberg Printing Machines


The range of products from Heidelberg’s digital innovations to their larger models which include the pulley for Heidelberg printing machines, includes digital technologies with preconfigured standard offset presses as well as the uniquely-configured special presses which afford a business maximum productivity via every possible print application.


But while Heidelberg continues to advance printing press technology, it is the suppliers of the replacement parts who help the older machine models continue to benefit the businesses that use them even in this increasingly digital age.


If you require a pulley for Heidelberg printing machines, even obsolete types for any Heidelberg or Muller printing presses, then contact YB Components who can ship such parts all over the world.