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Explaining the different types of couplings

Sit couplings, Sitex couplings, Sitex fl couplings, Sitex st couplings, Stellflex grid couplings, Tschan tormax couplings, Tschan nor-mex coulings, the list goes on and on and on. There are thousands of industrial couplings in existence. This blog will look at industrial couplings, the need for couplings and the various types of couplings there are.

Couplings are essentially mechanical elements that ‘couples’ two drive elements together. This then enables motion to be transferred from one element to another.

Couplings, whether it is steelflex grid couplings, trasco flexible couplings, Tcb barrel couplings, or any other type of coupling, are generally categorised into one of two varieties:

.               Flexible or compensating couplings

.               Rigid couplings

Rigid couplings

Rigid couplings are typically used where two shafts are coaxial to one another. Rigid sleeve or muff couplings fall into this basic type of coupling category. Rigid sleeve or muff couplings comprise of a pipe in which the bore is finished to the necessary tolerance based on the size of the shaft.

Flexible couplings

Flexible couplings, otherwise known as compensating couplings, are typically used in areas where there could be a possibility of the occurrence of shocks in the transmission. Such couplings are also known as Elastic Couplings. These types of couplings tend to have an elastic member between the two connecting entities.

There are eight different types of flexible couplings, each of which are unique in their construction.

The different types of flexible couplings are:

Gear tooth coupling

Flanged pin bush couplings

Tyre couplings

Bibbly coupling

Oldhams coupling

Elastomeric coupling

Bellows coupling

Universal coupling or Hooke’s coupling

Flanged coupling

A flanged coupling essentially comprise of two flanged end pieces. A recess and spigot is provided in the flanges which are firmly connected by fitted bolts. The bolts are tightened according to the torque to be transmitted.

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