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Explaining Mann + Hummel Filters


The Mann + Hummel Group is responsible for some of the highest tech filtration systems available today. For over seventy years they have been a pioneering force in the market, innovating numerous air, water and oil filtration systems that began with simple fabric filters back in the 1940s. Even today, the company remains under the ownership of the relatives of the original Mr. Mann and Dr. Hummel who founded the business.


Expert Filtration System Designers


Over the years the company has continued to expand the business, broadening the scope of their filter designs by incorporating more and more pioneering technology into their production processes. These days, their wide range of filtration systems service an equally wide variety of industries, including the manufacture and design of automotive, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as boats, ships, railway vehicles, forklift trucks and combustion engines. You will also find Mann + Hummel filter designs featured in industries such as power engineering, EDM machine manufacture, transmission products, compressors, vacuum pumps,  as well as a huge variety of smaller motorised equipment like compacters, lawnmowers and industrial vacuum cleaners.


If you have worked in an industrial sector, then it’s fair to say you have likely encountered a Mann + Hummel filter, even if you know it by one their sub-brand names. Which particular sub-brand of filter is in use in a particular industry will depend not just on that particular industry but also your geographic location.


Mann + Hummel Filter Brands


There are five sub-brands which the Mann + Hummel filter designs can be separated into The main sub-brand of course is Mann Filter, which contains a large range of air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin air filters. There is an even wider selection of filters under the Wix Filters brand, as this product range caters for automotive and other heavy duty applications. You will find oil, air and fuel filters here, as well as hydraulic, coolant and transmission filters.


The Filtron brand has similar wares to Wix Filters, focusing as it does primarily on filters for hydraulic applications and heavy duty automobiles as well as dehumidifiers and cooling liquids. The Purolator brand also features an extensive selection of filter designs, though essentially the brand is a product itself as the speciality is the Purolator Boss and Purolator One filters.


Finally, in 2015, Mann + Hummel finalised the acquisition of their latest brand, Microdyn-Nadir, which means they now have a sub-brand which specialises in industrial filter solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.


Acquiring Mann + Hummel Filter Systems


With their products being utilised in so many wide and varied applications, it’s essential to know exactly what kind of filter you are looking for before beginning a search through Mann + Hummel’s filter products. However, once you know the kind of filter you need for your business, there’s no doubt that Mann + Hummel have exactly what your business requires.


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