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Eurobelt Plastic Modular Belts for Efficiency and Flexibility

The Eurobelt plastic modular belts available through Eurobelt distributors in the UK are integral components of many modern industrial conveyor systems. They are designed to enhance efficiency and flexibility in a wide variety of material handling applications, and boast impressive durability to boot.

The range of Eurobelt plastic modular belts is quite extensive, with various models specifically designed for particular processes and environments. Here we explain how and why Eurobelt plastic modular belts work so effectively.

How Eurobelt Plastic Modular Belts Work

The various series of models available through Eurobelt distributors in the UK are generally constructed from interlocking plastic modules, usually made from material such as polypropylene or polyethylene. They are connected by hinge rods, with this modular design quirk offering several advantages over traditional flat belts.

One of the main advantages of Eurobelt plastic modular belts is how customisable they are thanks to the hinge rods. The modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, which facilitates quick repairs while minimising downtime. Operators can also tailor the belt’s length, width and configuration to specific applications, which is why these belts are suitable for such a wide range of industries.

Eurobelt Durability and Maintenance

Durability and maintenance are the other major advantages of plastic modular belts. The plastic material used in their construction is resistant to corrosion, chemicals and moisture, which makes them better suited to environments where metal belts would degrade quickly due to contamination.

The plastic modular belts designed by Eurobelt can withstand both high and low temperatures, depending on the material used, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. The open hinge design also allows for easy cleaning, which is pretty essential in industries with stringent hygiene requirements.

Eurobelt Distributors Provide Operational Efficiency

Plastic modular belts designed by Eurobelt also enhance operational efficiency, with their robust construction supporting heavy loads and high-speed operations. Different series of belts also come with  various surface features, including perforations for drainage, high-friction surfaces for conveying on an incline, or completely flat surfaces for extra smooth product handling.

The models available through Eurobelt distributors in the UK also enhance safety and noise reduction, as plastic belts generate much less noise compared to metal belts. Similarly, they are far less likely to cause injury than metal belts, thanks to the lack of sharp edges and the addition of extra safety features such as side guards.

Why Choose Eurobelt Plastic Modular Belts?

Using Eurobelt plastic modular belts in conveyor systems provides you with a versatile, durable and efficient solution for all your material handling needs. They are super adaptable, easy to maintain, and suitable for harsh environments across multiple industries including food processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals and automotive manufacture.

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