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Ensuring Couplings are Fit for Purpose


When you need to transmit power from one mechanical shaft to another, then you need to use a coupling to connect the two shafts together. However, there are a great many different types of couplings from Trasco flexible couplings to Tschan posiflex couplings and TCB barrel couplings to universal joints. Knowing in advance which type of coupling you will need for the machinery in operation at your business can help save a lot of time and money when it comes to replacing worn parts and components.


Understanding How Couplings Work


Usually couplings will not be able to be disconnected during operation, or rather the shafts that the coupling is connecting will not be able to disconnect. However certain types of couplings do allow for a variation on this, with a few designs incorporating an ability to disconnect – or to ‘slip’ – when a specific torque limit has been exceeded. This allows certain types of machinery to operate at full whack without the risk of overloading the shafts with too much power.


Couplings like the TCB barrel coupling or the Tschan posiflex coupling usually allow for a certain amount of misalignment between the two connected shafts. This ensures that even with both rotating ends moving somewhat out of sync with each other, the operational faculties of the machine are not reduced in any way. This ability to allow two shafts to be misaligned and rotate slightly out of sync with each other is pretty much the primary purpose of any and all couplings, though of course some such as the Trasco ES Zero Backlash couplings are designed to permit much more misalignment than others.


By choosing the right coupling for the task, a business can make significant savings by avoiding downtime while reducing their industrial machinery maintenance costs caused by the use of a particular coupling that isn’t specifically designed for the purpose of a particular machine.


Special Couplings


While most couplings allow for a little misalignment between shafts, others are actually designed to encourage it. A universal joint for example is a particular type of coupling that enables the two connected shafts to bend at severe angles to each other. These universal joints are especially useful if you initially have one long shaft that needs to curve around a bend or even a complete right angle. By separating the long short into two shorter shafts connected by a universal joint, the shaft can now bend to any angle the user requires without losing its power.


As well as the universal joint, other special couplings have been designed to fit a myriad of circumstances depending on what kind of machinery is being used and for what purpose. The Trasco flexible couplings are a versatile design while the Trasco ES Zero Backlash couplings are especially useful if your machinery’s movement causes an energy rebound or backlash.


If you require Tschan posiflex couplings, TCB barrel couplings, Trasco flexible couplings or indeed any of the many other different brands and coupling designs, then contact YB Components who can ship these parts all over the world.