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Enemac Torque Limiters   

Enemac use a precision manufacturing technique to produce a variety of couplings and shaft locking devices, with the wide range of Enemac couplings making them suitable for many different shaft types. The Enemac shaft locking devices or torque limiters are also made with special high-quality materials and are put through a tough testing procedure to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Why Use Torque Limiter Couplings?

The Enemac torque limiters are a way to minimise the need for repairs and mechanical stoppages by using torque restriction technology, which basically means they provide protection from overload. The torque limiting protection works by quickly stopping the drive train when a disruption is detected before safely diverting any destructive inertial forces and torque peaks.

Enemac makes their torque limiters with stainless steel which makes them ideal for use in any torque restriction applications for foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and medical technology. They can also be used in a wider variety of other more standard applications, wherever overload protection is required.

Here we will take a closer look at some of the most popular Enemac products with a special focus on the Enemac torque limiters for indirect drives.

Enemac ECS Torque Limiter

The cost-effective ECS torque limiter coupling has a torque range of 1–23.000 Nm and features a slipping clutch with an integrated sprocket or pulley and slide bearing. It is generally used for more simple applications, but has a high power density and uses a chain or toothed belt drive. The ECS coupling has a keyway shaft connection and direct overload protection that does not require manual re-engagement. The shaft connection is via keyway or conical hub.

Enemac ECU Torque Limiter

The ECU model of Enemac torque limiters has a 1.8–9.000 Nm torque range and features an integrated ball bearing for the purpose of direct mounting on a pulley. The ECU produces a compact performance using toothed belt drives where the drive element doesn’t need its own bearing on the shaft.

Enemac ECA Torque Limiter

This standard ECA torque limiting coupling has a torque range of 0.5–470 Nm and features an integrated ball bearing. It operates with a toothed belt drive and like the ECU, the ECA also doesn’t require its own bearing on the shaft, which has a keyway or conical hub connection.

Enemac ECB Torque Limiter

The ECB model has a more limited torque range of 1.2–470 Nm but is suitable for a variety of drive units and mounting flanges. This torque limiting coupling by Enemac needs its own bearing on the shaft of the drive element and has the standard shaft connection with conical hub.

Enemac Torque Limiters for Direct Drives

Enemac also manufacture a wide variety of torque limiters for direct drives, such as the ECKB coupling which has a torque range of 0.5–2.000 Nm. As with many of the direct drive torque limiters, the ECKB features a metal bellows coupling clamping and a hub and cone clamping, which help to compensate for any shaft misalignments.

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