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Enemac Shaft Locking Devices


The clamps, couplings and clutches designed and manufactured by Enemac Maschinentechnik (Machine Technology) can be used with original equipment or for retrofitting machinery that can be improved with updated and upgraded components.

Enemac’s mechanical and hydro-mechanical power clamping products are particularly popular as they can generate high clamping forces quickly and reliably (and cost-effectively!) for use almost anywhere.

Here we take a quick look at each of the Enemac shaft locking devices.

ESB Power Clamping Nut

These centrically operated Enemac shaft locking devices can handle 60 to 200 kN torque and has a protected bottomed thread and fits a DIN 787 T-bolt. The compact design makes it ideal to be integrated into planetary gearboxes, plus there are some special high temperature versions which are able to withstand temperatures as high as 400 degrees Celsius.

ESBG Power Clamping Nut

This version of the Enemac’s shaft locking device has a thread pin so it can also function as a power clamping screw. It can be operated within the torque range of 60 to 200 kN, with a centrically operated compact design that is also ideal for integration into a planetary gearbox. Special versions can also be acquired through Enemac suppliers that can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.

ESBS/ESBT Power Clamping Nut

This clamp nut has a much smaller torque capacity of 40 kN but also has a much simpler manual operating mechanism that has a grip that enables fast feed motions and automatic changeovers incorporating a ratchet. There are a variety of thread sizes and types available too.

ESG/ESGL Power Clamping Nut

This side operated Enemac power clamping nut has a through-hole thread built in to its compact design and is ideally operated at 120 kN torque. It works with a DIN 787 T-bolt and there are several thread sizes available for use with a variety of different sizes of machinery.

ESD Power Clamping Nut

This through-hole threaded ESD shaft locking device has a torque range of 60 to 180 kN with variable clamping edges and an unlimited clamping stroke with latching mechanism. Retro-fitting via gearbox integration is possible with the DIN 787 T-bolt and there are high temperature versions that can withstand up to 400 degrees Celsius.

ESS Power Clamping Screw

The ESS shaft locking screw has a large potential torque range of between 40 and 250 kN thanks to its high gripping power and low tightening torque action. It is designed for maximum operating safety and has a wedge mechanism acting as a force amplifier. The permanent lubrication also allows this power clamping screw to be maintenance-free.

ESZS Spring Clamping Cylinder

With the largest torque range of this collection of Enemac shaft locking devices, the ESZS spring cylinder operates within a torque power range of between 16 and 350 kN and is ideal for machinery using presses and stamps. It has a mechanical clamping action with a hydraulic release, has high operational safety and is leak-proof and robust.

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