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Eliminating gearbox noise


It doesn’t matter if you are operating Pujol geared motors, parallel shift gearboxes, a Sirem gearbox, or a Spaggiari geared motor, whatever industrial gearbox you are using, if it’s too noisy the machinery can be irritating to operate and potentially damaging to the hearing of its operator.

The good news is that whilst gears are naturally fairly noisy, there are several relatively straightforward steps you can take to hamper excessive gearbox noise.

Take a look at the following methods you can take to help hamper industrial gearbox noise.

Get to the root of the noise-generator

As Machine Design informs, when a gear drive is in operation, all the different parts, including the bearings, gears, shafts, housing, lubrication and cooling devices vibrate. It is this vibration that creates pressure pulsations – also known as sound – in the surrounding air.

It is usually when one or even more of these components gets out of sync with the rest, that excessive noise is produced.

Inadequate lubrication, gear mesh friction and numerous other factors can contribute to a gearbox becoming excessively noisy.

In order to reduce the amount of friction occurring between the different components, and therefore help diminish the noise, it may be worthwhile changing the type of gear teeth on the machinery. Or, as Machine Design advises, refining the geometry of a particular type of gear tooth.

Improving lubrication

Another fairly simple yet effective way to help reduce the noise generated by Spaggiari worm gear-motors, Zurrer servo gears or just about every other type of industrial gearbox, is to improve lubrication.

As we wrote in our blog titled ‘Prolonging machinery life with the right industrial gear lubricant’, lubricant plays a vital role in the condition and longevity of a gears and gearboxes.

The right kind of lubricant can help reduce the vibration of equipment components and consequently help diminish the noise generated by the vibration. Generally speaking, higher viscosity greases and oils can help reduce noise. Though as not all lubrication is suitable for normal gear drives, it would make sense to check with the gear manufacturer before using a higher viscosity oil or grease.

Improved gear manufacturing

Whilst the likes of Sferac, Sira, Sankyo and other industrial component manufacturers put a great deal of effort into designing gearboxes with noise reduction when used with specific applications, improved manufacturing and finishing techniques, can significantly help diminish the noise created in a gearbox.

Techniques such as hardening the gears before cutting and finishing the gears after heat treatment can affect the noise generated by the gears. As Machine Design writes:

“This process reduces errors and inconsistencies that can cause noise.”

By carrying out fairly straightforward and uncomplicated checks and maintenance, you might be surprised at just how much noise can be reduced in an industrial gearbox.

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