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Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually with the purpose of creating motion. Products available through an electric motors supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components generate force via interactions between a magnetic field and a winding current. The winding current can be alternating (AC) or direct (DC).

There are multiple types of both AC and DC motors, as well as other special purpose electric motor. Let’s look at the different types of electric motors below.

Types of AC Electric Motor

The main types of AC motor include synchronous and asynchronous, with the latter also known as induction motors.

The synchronous motor uses a 3-phase supply, with a stator in the electric motor generating the magnetic field by rotating at a stable velocity according to the AC frequency. Synchronous motors are often used in automation and robotics because of their potential for high rotational accuracy.

The asynchronous or induction motor produces asynchronous speed which means ‘not occurring at the same time’. Asynchronous electric motors use electromagnetic induction to convert the energy from electrical into mechanical.

Types of DC Electric Motor

There are quite a few types of DC motor so we will cover the main ones here. A DC Shunt motor has parallel linked windings and a field circuit which gets its power directly from the armature terminals of the motor. In contrast, a Separately Excited Motor has a field circuit supplied by a separate constant-voltage power supply.

A DC Series motor has rotor windings connected in a series so it can rely on a simple electromagnetic law, which determines that whenever a magnetic field can be formed around a conductor, it can interact with the external field and thus generate rotational motion. DC Series motors are often used in starter motors and thus are a popular product available through electric motor suppliers. Yorkshire’s YB Components keep local stock of such and similar products and ships them fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Other common DC motors  include the Permanent Magnet DC motor, or PMDC. They are usually manufactured with an inbuilt permanent magnet that creates the required magnetic field. There is also the DC Compound motor which is something of a hybrid of the DC series and Shunt motors.

Special Purpose Electric Motors

There a few different kinds of special purpose motors, but the main two are the Stepper motor and the Brushless DC motor.

A Stepper motor provides step angle revolution instead of stable revolution. The complete revolution angle of a stepper motor can be segregated into a set number of steps. They are a popular motor for applications such as circuit fabrication and process control tools.

Brushless DC motors are designed to produce an optimal performance in more confined spaces where brushed DC motors cannot perform optimally.

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