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Do you need a gearbox upgrade?


Industrial gearbox upgrades might sound costly and time-consuming but could actually save you time and money in the long-term. For example, if your Sirem gearbox, Heynau gearbox, Kumera gearbox, or any other type of industrial gearbox is experiencing repeat failure, an upgrade might be necessary.

There are a number of reasons a gearbox might be experiencing failure, such as a flaw in its original design, or a change in the environment the equipment is operating in or its duty cycle.

An effective industrial gearbox upgrade will optimise the design of the equipment, achieve improvements in reliability and maximise the operational capabilities. It will also extend the amount of time between service intervals, meaning you will save money on costs associated with repair, reconditioning and maintenance in the long term.

Not just for failed gearboxes

Upgrading a gearbox should not be confined to units that have failed. Gearboxes can be upgraded at any time. For example, older geared units can be upgraded to newer models as a means of improving operating standards. Or, exchanging an older gearbox with a more modern unit can be a savvy move in catering for more intense operating requirements.

Advantages of an industrial gearbox upgrade

Whether you own a Danfoss bauer industrial gearbox, a Parallel shaft gearbox or a Pujol geared unit, gearbox upgrades for any type of industrial gearbox can have a number of advantages, including:

.               The root cause of the failure of the original gearbox will be established

.               With a new unit installed, performance improvements will be made

.               The new gearbox will adhere to modern industrial component and operational standards

.               The upgrade of a gearbox will ensure any alterations to your processes, working conditions or duty cycle will be catered for

Having an experienced and specialist industrial component repair company inspect and upgrade a gearbox will not only save you time but could save you money in the long term. This is because a specialist engineer will help identify the root cause of the failure, which will mean similar failure is less likely to occur at a later date.

An experienced industrial gearbox specialist will also ensure you machinery is given the correct upgrade so it is capable of achieving the operational and environmental demands you put on it.

If you require a gearbox inspection and upgrade, get in touch with YB Components, specialists in supplying motors and gearboxes for more than 20 years.