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Dinal Flexible Couplings


Dinal Flexible Couplings are an Italian manufacturer of a wide variety of flexible coupling types designed for use with any industrial application where a constant rotational movement and absolute torque rigidity is required. Dinal have built a reputation over the years for the high quality coupling designs that they manufacture.


Dinal (sometimes stylised as operate out of Monza, just north of Milan in Italy, though their high quality coupling designs such as the Dinal Specialmatic Coupling and the series of Dinal GEL Couplings are available around the world thanks to worldwide coupling distributors such as YB Components.


Dinal GEL Couplings


Most of Dinal’s couplings feature a wide variety of tweaked designs for an even wider range of applications. The GEL Couplings, for example, are usually used for either the connection of tacho-generators, encoders and contactors, as well as often being employed in motors and a large number of measuring instruments. These special Dinal couplings can pretty much be used in any application where a constant rotational movement within four quadrants is required. Where absolute torque rigidity is necessary, Dinal GEL Couplings prove themselves to be ideal even when the shafts that the coupling is connecting are not lined up 100% accurately.


The Dinal GEL Couplings have a particularly dynamic construction with their clamps made from a light alloy which allows the coupling to be blocked without the necessity of special screws or keys.


Dinal Specialmatic Couplings


The Dinal Specialmatic Couplings have been specifically developed for tasks where the transmission capacity demands significant distances between the quadrants. This expertly designed series of Dinal couplings makes it possible to supply spacers and shafts as long as up to six metres in length. Additionally, the Dinal Specialmatic couplings can also be supplied with customisable balancing and treatment to suit any particular application that requires it.


Dinal Unimatic Couplings


The Elasticflex Dinal Unimatic Couplings feature two hubs which are fixed to the disc pack by means of heavy-duty screws. Both the coupling and the screws are made of forged steel while the disc pack is made of spring steel. Spring steel is a generalised name afforded to a large range of steel types used commonly in the manufacture of metal springs. They are used most often in the automotive industry and for other industrial suspension applications. Spring steel is usually low-alloy and medium-carbon steel, though it can also be high-carbon which produces higher yield strength.


The use of these materials allows the Dinal Unimatic Coupling to perform with absolute precision. Again, these couplings can be used with a wide variety of industrial machinery.


Dinal Uniquadra Couplings


The Elasticflex Dinal Uniquadra couplings are also made of forged steel, again with the two hubs being dynamically fixed to the spring steel disc pack via heavy-duty screws. As with the Unimatic range, the Uniquadra couplings are renowned for their precision.


If you require Dinal couplings such as the Dinal Specialmatic Coupling or any of the Dinal GEL Couplings, then contact YB Components who can ship these parts all over the world.