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Developing economies are driving demand for industrial couplings and bearings

The sale of industrial couplings and bearings are being driven by significant growth in developing industries. According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, the sale of the likes of Sitex couplings and Sferax linear bearings are expected to increase from global sales of $22 billion in 2013 to $26.7 billion by 2018.

Frost & Sullivan are market research, technology and economic analysts, which monitors emerging markets around the world.

Value-added services

The quality and cost of these essential industrial components have become standardised around the globe. Consequently, when purchasing industrial couplings and components, customers will base their decision on “value-added” services, continued the Frost & Sullivan report.

Value-added services might include industrial parts comprising of maintenance-free technologies, such as bearings that don’t require lubricating.

Carving a niche

The importance of lubricating industrial components cannot be over emphasised.  Working with lubrication-free bearings would effectively enable end-users to cut down on costs by diminishing the need to self-lubricate the likes of Sferax linear bearings. Subsequently, this will enable coupling and bearing manufacturers to “carve a niche for themselves in this dynamic landscape.”

Frost & Sullivan use the mining industry in Africa as an example. As Guru Mahesh, Frost & Sullivan’s industrial automation and process control research analyst, said:

“The swift expansion of the mining industry – the third-largest consumer of bearings and couplings – in Africa will provide further momentum to the global bearings and couplings market.”

“The emergence of mines in Indonesia will also pave the way for greater uptake.”

Mahesh also noted how fluctuating currency exchange rates will “encourage manufacturers to expand geographically”. This could enable manufacturers to extend their reach even further into regions experiencing high levels of growth.

Creating a need for replacements and upgrades

The ‘Strategic Analysis of the Global Industrial Bearings and Couplings’ report also stressed that another factor which is driving demand for industrial couplings and bearings is the large installed base around the world which “creates a need for replacements and upgrades.”

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