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Deserti Meccanica Pulleys and Amplifiers

width=200The Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys and associated amplification accessories recently became available to customers of YB Components, so here we will take a closer look at some of the technical features of their products.

For more detail on sizes and specifications, head to the Deserti Meccanica suppliers product page and access the PDF guide linked there.

Deserti Meccanica Pulley Technical Features

The Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys are capable of movement in both directions. This means the conical disks must move in perfect symmetry, plus there is a constant and gradual action of the slotted conical Belleville washers. The load bearing hub also has a wide contact surface and features special grooved teeth that have been constructed out of hardened and tempered steel that has undergone anti-scuff treatment.

The dedicated holes for ensuring a reliable connection between the hub and the driving shaft are identified as ISO H7 with key UNI 6604-69.

The conical disks used in Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys are also made of hardened and tempered steel with anti-scuff treatment, though only up to model DVS 225. The models with larger dimensions feature conical disks made of cast iron, namely G 30 UNI 5007/69 AL-NI-CR that has undergone wear-proof treatment which produces a better sliding action and extends the product’s service life.

Some of the Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys feature dynamic balancing, including models 270, 310 and 360. The dynamic balancing of these models prevent vibrations at high speeds, which produces a much smoother operation. This makes models 270, 310 and 360 especially suited to applications that must produce little to no vibrations during operation.

The models that do not feature dynamic balancing have been manufactured with  100% machined conical disks that ensure a smooth operation with little vibrational activity.

Microswitch Action Amplification Devices

Deserti Meccanica also manufacture amplification devices for use with their variable speed pulleys. These devices are used for mechanical control of electric microswitches, primarily for the signalling and operation of other safety and control devices used with the application.

When choosing a microswitch, it is important to understand the operational requirements of the application. There are multiple configurations which are best suited to different applications and operational demands. Installation and maintenance is recommended to be carried out by skilled technical personnel only, though experienced Deserti Meccanica suppliers like YB Components can provide all the advice necessary.

If you require any Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys such as those that feature dynamic balancing or those with completely machined conical disks, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Deserti Meccanica suppliers who keep local stocks ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.