Industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings, clutches, ball bearings


Made in India since 1978.

Deepak Pulleys are available in the UK through YB Components Ltd.

They can be interchanged against many old or obsolete variable speed pulley drives including Lenze, Becker, Berges and TB Woods

Deepak Drives Pvt. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Mechanical Variable Speed Pulley Drives in India, for industrial applications. Due to continuous R & D, product design innovations and quality.

Product Interchange to Lenze type 11.100 & 11.101

Lenze Code YBC SizeBoreØPulleyØPulley LengthBelt Width & Thickness 
Keyway (5×2)1207222×8 (6×2.8)1559528×8 (8×3.3)18511037×10 (8×3.3)22513047×13 

27028*28 (8×3.3)27014847×13 3103838 (10×3.3)31018055×16 3604242 (12×3.3)36021570×18 3754848 (14×3.8)37521570×18

Product Interchange to Lenze type 11.213

Lenze TypeYBC
Disc ØPulley LengthBore Ø 
    MinMax Belt
11.213.13FC 13013095141922×6
11.213.16FC 160160110182428×8
11.213.20FC 205205130192837×10
11.213.25FC 252252160254247×13
11.213.31FC 315315196384255×16