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Deepak Variable Speed Pulley Drives


The manufacture of the Deepak variable speed pulley drives occurs in Pune, India, where thirty-five years of experience has enabled the company to expand globally. With over a hundred thousand of their variable speed pulley drives in operation around the world, Deepak drives are used in a wide variety of industries such as printing, machine tools, pharma machinery, processing, packaging, woodworking, agriculture equipment and many others as well.


Since their founding in 1978, Deepak has grown to be India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of mechanical variable speed pulley drives and belts, especially for the industrial applications listed above. Below we take a closer look at just two of the most popular Deepak variable speed pulley drive products. Though they manufacture many related products, the Fixed Centre and Adjustable Centre drives remain the most sought after around the world.


Deepak Variable Speed Pulley Drives with Fixed Centre


This drive consists of two variable speed pulleys and a variable speed belt. The first pulley is mounted on the motor shaft (the driving pulley) and can be mechanically adjusted according to the operator’s specifications. The second pulley is spring loaded and mounted on the shaft of the pulley (the driven pulley). The speed variation is 1 to 6, and can be adjusted on the driver pulley by simply rotating the affixed knob.


The Deepak variable speed pulley belt will be pulled in or out between the flanges of both the adjustable and the spring loaded pulleys. This in-and-out movement will affect the running diameter of the belt which in turn produces the 1 to 6 speed variation. This Fixed Centre drive is best suited within a motor rating range of 0.25kw to 15kw.


Deepak Variable Speed Pulley Drives with Adjustable Centre


This particular drive consists of a spring loaded pulley and a fixed diameter pulley, as well as a variable speed belt and a motor slide base. This drive also features an adjustable centre and is interchangeable with a Lenze Pulley.


The Deepak variable speed pulley drive is spring loaded and mounted on the electric motor’s shaft, either on the slide base or on the swinging base plate. During operation, the spring loaded pulley can move either away from or towards the fixed diameter pulley, allowing for significant versatility and movement while activated. The speed belt is retracted in or extended out as the central distances adjust during operation as the belt is pulled in or out by the spring loaded pulley’s flange. This movement and distance adjustment changes the running diameter of the pulley overall, as well as the variation in speed of the fixed diameter pulley.


The speed variation ratio is 1 to 3, and should also cover full mid-range speed when it is used in combination with a fixed diameter pulley. The motor rating range for this drive is between 0.25kw to 18.5kw.


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