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Deepak Pulleys: Interchangeable Speed Pulley Drives


Deepak Pulleys make some of the most versatile speed pulley drives that can be used in place of other established brands. The Deepak Pulley products available in the UK through YB Components can be interchanged for similar old or obsolete variable speed pulley drives such as those manufactured by Lenze, Becker, Berges and TB Woods.

First established back in 1978, Deepak Pulleys (a.k.a. Deepak Drives) have become the largest manufacturer of mechanical variable speed pulley drives for industrial applications in India. Their dedication to continuous research and development has provided them with a distinct advantage over their competitors thanks to consistent quality and product design innovations.

The variable speed pulley drives designed and built by Deepak Drives are used in a wide variety of industries around the world for the likes of machine tools and pharmaceutical machinery, as well as for printing, processing, packaging and woodworking. They are also commonly used in agriculture equipment.

Below is a quick look at some of the interchangeable variable speed drives Deepak Pulleys suppliers YB Components can ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Asymmetric Belt Drives by Deepak Pulleys

Deepak’s Asymmetric Drive is designed to be interchangeable with the asymmetric variable speed belt manufactured by Berges. These ‘stepless output Speed Range’ drives minimise wear and tear thanks to the disc being mounted on the hub without any keys or mechanical splines. These belt drives also include Deepak’s own Automatic Torque Sensing Device, which helps the application achieve the ideal axial contact pressure on the pulley’s belt depending on how much power is being generated by the driver pulley.

Adjustable Centre Drive with Diaphragm Springs by Deepak Pulleys

The diaphragm springs of Deepak’s Adjustable Centre Drive have been shaped like a disc with tapering ends pointing inside the coil to generate contact pressure. The steel discs have a Keyway-finished bore and feature a efficient dual movement action for use with a wide variety of suitable applications.

Adjustable Centre Drive for Standard V-Belts by Deepak Drives

The cast iron Adjustable Centre Drive for standard variable speed belts features a unqiue serrated design that produces exceptionally efficient torque transmission. The drive is compact and suitable for many different kinds of applications where it can replace similar parts originally built by other manufacturers. This product has a standard speed variation ratio of 1 :2 and is particularly durable even when exposed to a lot of dust and dirt.

Other Variable Speed Pulleys by Deepak Drives

Alternative Deepak drive products include one that consists of two variable speed pulleys and a variable speed belt, with the first adjustable pulley mounted on the driving motor shaft, and the second driven pulley being spring-loaded. Another Deepak drive includes a spring loaded pulley with a fixed diameter pulley along with a variable speed belt and motor slide base.

Many other Deepak pulleys can be used to replace obsolete drives so older machines can keep operating for years after their original pulley parts have been worn out.

If you require any of the interchangeable Deepak Drives products such as fixed centre or adjustable centre drives, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Deepak Pulleys suppliers.