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The talented engineers at Danfoss Bauer are well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality geared motor units. They have been building their reputation as one of the best in the business for over ninety years now, growing into a global brand and many industrial company’s preferred source for high-quality and reliable geared motors.

Bauer’s in-house engineers are continually developing technically-advanced gearbox solutions that usually feature motors that are as energy efficient as possible. Their innovative approach to gearbox design and manufacture has resulted in a range of energy efficient products that are popular throughout a wide variety of industries and applications. Here we examine exactly what makes Bauer products so popular.

Bauer Premium Efficiency Geared Motors

The products available through Danfoss Bauer suppliers such as YB Components include the Premium geared motor range that set a trend in the manufacturing technology of energy efficient motor drives and designs for a large range of different applications. The Danfoss Bauer efficient drive solutions do not feature any additional materials that can hinder their assembly or fixture and they all incorporate complete flexibility with regard to the mounting options. This versatility enables the user to enjoy what Bauer’s engineers eloquently describe as ‘unparalleled integration possibilities’.

The gearboxes Bauer manufacture have a high level of interchange-ability between the parts of all the geared motor components. This obviously benefits the customer by maximising the operational options available for the usage of the parts available through Bauer suppliers. The increased efficiency of the Bauer designs also helps reduce operational costs as well as increase the speed of production.

The geared motor units manufactured by Bauer are also guaranteed to have a long life with a minimum of maintenance needed. This is because of their ideally sized ball and roller bearings and the hardened ground gears which help reinforce the gearboxes both internally and externally. It is this long life span of the Bauer products, as well as their exceptional efficiency, that makes them particularly popular in so many different industrial sectors.

If those qualities were not already convincing enough, Bauer products can also boast of being dust tight and hose proof with the ability to be used outdoors in any weather as well as in particularly wet or dusty environments without needing special protection as they have all the protection they need built-in to their designs.

Additional Products Available Through Danfoss Bauer Suppliers

As well as producing some of the most efficient geared motor units on the market, Bauer are also renowned for manufacturing a series of helical, bevel, monorail, shaft mounted and worm geared motors. They also produce the popular HiflexDRIVE series which includes a standard and a stainless version, as well as an aseptic version of the innovative bevel geared motor range. These HiflexDRIVE gearboxes are designed to be compact as well as flexible and efficient.

Other products in their range include aseptic drives, gearboxes with motor adaptors, geared motor units with integrated electronics and decentralised drive solutions.

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