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Danfoss Bauer Industrial Gearbox


The Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox with a C-adapter motor connection is one of the most modern drive solutions for all industrial purposes involving the moving of material.

Bauer Gear Motors have been improving their products ever since their founding in 1927, and have since grown into an internationally renowned gearbox and geared motor manufacturer. They are one of the world’s preferred sources for high-quality and extremely reliable geared motor units, with the Bauer engineers developing technically-advanced solutions with energy-efficient motors combined with optimal gearboxes.

Here we will focus on the Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox with a C-adapter motor connection and take a closer look at this excellent product.

Danfoss Bauer Industrial Gearbox with C-Adapter Motor Connection

The  robustness and compact design of Baur’s gearboxes gives them a long service life while efficiently producing a powerful performance even under tough working conditions. The Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox with a C-adapter motor connection is simple and cost-effective, as well as being easy to install. It only require minor maintenance, while its high efficiency continues to reduce costs throughout its long service life.

The C-adapter also helps minimise costs, and yet produces a powerful performance with low backlash and with minimum installation space. It is an optimised adaptation of standard IEC and NEMA motors, and boasts the legendary Bauer quality.

The torque rating of this Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox is up to 18.500Nm, and it can be combined with BG helical gears, BF shaft mount gears and BK bevel gears. As well as the installation space being optimised, the low backlash torque transmission between the motor and gear unit produces a smooth operation. The motors are also easy to assemble and disassemble, while the protection enclosure is certified to IP54 and IP65 according to ATEX.

Benefits of Danfoss Bauer Gearboxes

Gearboxes like the Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox with a C-adapter motor connection come with multiple benefits for end users. Bauer design their gearboxes with easy access to the fixation points to reduce assembly times and installation costs, while the easy lubrication application helps keep servicing costs low. The lubrication itself should last around 15,000 operating hours when using CLP 220 oil at optimal temperature, or around 25.000 operating hours when using PGLP 220 or PGLP 460 at optimal temperature.

The 2-stage gearbox concept also reduces the need for spare part stocking, while there are a variety of mounting options including foot, flange, solid and hollow shafts. The sealed housing design reduces the risk of lubrication oil leakage and increases the oil’s lifetime, while the large housing volume allows continuous usage even in very harsh environments.

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