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Crucial Components: Torque Limiters  

With many drive components prone to failing if operated incorrectly, it is important to know a reliable torque limiters supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components. Replacements such as Enemac torque limiters can be shipped out quickly when they are needed, and they are a vital part of ensuring industrial machinery is kept operational at all times.

Torque limiters – sometimes also called overload clutches – are important because mechanical overload is a serious threat to certain applications’ ability to remain operational, and this threat is avoided thanks to torque limiters.

What is Mechanical Overload?

Applications with rotating components can often accidently generate more torque than the other components are able to handle. This can occur in many different ways, but they all basically involve a rotating operation using torque experiencing some kind of malfunction that suddenly generates more torque than the application is designed for.

The extra force that is generated by the malfunction and unprecedented torque can break connected components such as the drive or motor shafts, as well as couplings and gearings.

The likes of Enemac torque limiters are thus a protection against mechanical overload, helping to significantly reduce the risk of any critical component failure.

How Torque Limiters Work

Products supplied by torque limiters suppliers in Yorkshire work by slipping during an episode of torque overload, which then prevents the driven components from receiving an excessive amount of torque. When the overload occurs, the torque limiter preserves any vital elements or equipment by simply disconnecting the driving shaft from the driven components.

Torque limiters are thus positioned somewhere between the driving shaft and the driven components, such as a powertrain. They can be applied independently or in combination with electronic sensors which sense the incoming overload and activate the torque limiting function accordingly.

Applications for Torque Limiters

Enemac torque Limiters are used to protect a wide variety of machinery featuring rotating components. Industries that often need them include packaging, printing and assembly services, textile manufacturing, and general machining and manufacturing.

Torque limiter applications include motors where the torque limiter will disengage the motor shaft from the driven components whenever there is an overload of torque. Similarly, gearboxes usually employ a torque limiter as an extra safety mechanism to stop excessive torque from damaging any vulnerable elements in the system being driven.

Power generators often suffer outages which can cause a momentary spike in  torque load so they use torque limiters to prevent the torque spike from damaging the generator’s other components.

Conveying systems are also prone to jams, and upon such an occurrence the torque limiter will disconnect the driving motor from the conveyor, so as to keep the critical components safe from damage.

If you require any Enemac torque limiters, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading torque limiters supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.