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A lot of modern construction projects rely heavily on cranes and their ability to move enormous and extremely heavy loads with relative ease, and it is because of this ability that they require constant maintenance to ensure all a crane’s components are in good working order.

One of the most important crane components are the various crane wheels. Suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components usually keep a good stock of crane wheels from the top crane wheel manufacturers in order to ship them quickly all around the UK and the rest of the world.

The Importance of Crane Wheel Maintenance

Crane wheels are pretty much the most important parts within crane-based travelling systems as they enable the crane to function, however this puts the wheels and their surrounding parts under constant duress.  While the most valuable part of a crane, the wear and tear the wheels accrue during operations also make them the most vulnerable part of the crane. This is primarily because of the friction caused between the crane wheels and the rails they operate within.

Regardless of how big a crane is, its wheels should be replaced relatively regularly and especially when either the flange has worn out or has some other damage, or there are multiples instances of fatigue pitting occurring.

Crane Wheels Design and Manufacture

Crane wheels are generally classified into standard single edge or double edge crane wheel designs as well as casted and forged crane wheels.

The parts supplied by YB Components – the UK’s leading crane wheels supplier in Yorkshire – are all manufactured from high quality materials with advanced production processes that create a uniform contour hardness in the tread and inner flange. The wheels also often feature a ductile core that helps them to resist shock and impacts.

Many of the crane wheels, suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components make available, include high resistance to wear or flange fracture as well as pitting and fragmenting. Obviously this provides the wheels with a longer operational lifespan.

Rader-Vogel Crane Wheels

The highly regarded wheel manufacturer Rader-Vogel has designed and built a variety of wheels for PSB Stacker Cranes. These include small PEVOLON conveyor rollers and heavy-duty double rollers featuring PEVOPUR wheels, as well as press-on tyres and wheels made with VULKOLLAN.

Their catalogue has over 30,000 wheel-related products with diameters ranging from 30mm up to 1,800mm. The maximum load capacity of Rader-Vogel crane wheels is an enormous 80 tonnes, though of course they also manufacture less robust and more intricate wheels for a wide variety of applications.

If you require any crane wheels or other industrial machinery parts then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading crane wheels supplier who can ship such parts quickly and for free all around the UK and the rest of the world. Due to local stocks kept in Yorkshire, same day delivery is possible for any customers based in Bradford, Castleford, Knottingley, Normanton, Pontefract, Wakefield, Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area.