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screws-600491_640There is practically an entire catalogue of high quality coupling products produced by many different coupling manufacturers available to order now. From standardised couplings to extra flexible couplings and special zero backlash couplings, the couplings and clutches section of YB Components is a one-stop-shop for all your industrial coupling needs.

We have covered several of the couplings manufacturers available through couplings distributors on this blog before, so here we will focus on just a few of the other top quality coupling manufacturers you can find here.

Desch Couplings

The Habix Desch couplings are extremely precise flexible jaw coupling that allow for multiple torque power variants. Usefully, the machined Habix couplings don’t actually require a high accuracy of shaft alignment for a functional connection. The Hadeflex claw couplings feature additional flexible elements which enable two shafts to create a torsionally versatile connection, cancelling out any vibrations and impacts while greatly reducing the operational noise.

The robust Orpex design by Desch Couplings is built to provide reliable torque transmission for use in heavy duty applications, marking it out as a special product available through couplings suppliers.

Enemac Couplings

Enemac couplings are reliable, backlash-free couplings that will maintain their positional accuracy throughout the operation thanks to high torsional rigidity. The main Enemac couplings are the Metal Bellows which are available in alternative stainless steel or pluggable versions.

The alternative Enemac Jaw and Oldham couplings are built with additional vibration damping material and extra electrical insulation. There are also miniature versions of each of the Metal Bellows, Jaw and Oldham Enemac couplings.

SIT Couplings

SIT steel teeth couplings feature milled teeth hubs enveloped by a sleeve with internal teeth grooves constructed from a stabilized form of super-polyamide resin. The combination of steel on super-polyamide resin means there is no need to lubricate these excellent SIT couplings.

The SITEX FL gear coupling is equipped with a fibreglass-reinforced super-polyamide resin flange which greatly boosts its mechanical strength and dimensional stability. SITEX ST couplings are made out of steel and feature either one or two hubs with a sleeve. The two-hub version of these special SIT couplings features the OPTIGEAR profile which provides a very high torque transmission and superb compensation of shaft misalignment.

Tschan Couplings

The Tschan Couplings Nor-Mex series are incredibly flexible and resilient, able to compensate for all kinds of angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignment. The Nor-Mex GBT coupling is a claw coupling design that is especially shock-proof. There are two versions of the GWT Tschan Couplings model featuring shafts connected by a hub and a bolt-on claw ring, with that claw ring able to be unbolted and withdrawn. All of the Nor-Mex couplings feature an elastic transitional ring made of Perbunan nitrile rubber.

The Tschan Posimin coupling is backlash-free thanks to its torsionally rigid multiple-disc design. These Tschan couplings are all made with high grade C-Steel, with the discs made of corrosion-resistant steel springs.

If you require any Desch couplings, Enemac couplings, SIT couplings or Tschan couplings, contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading couplings suppliers who can ship these high quality components all over the world.