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Couplings: Special Feature


There are so many different coupling designs available from such a wide variety of manufacturers that we will never have enough space to feature them all in one go. We can provide occasional sneak peaks at a select few products though, with all of them and more available to ship around the world through YB Components.

Here are just a few of the finest coupling products we have to offer.

Falk Couplings

The Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling has been the industry standard for almost a century and is one of the most requested grid couplings on the market. It is exceptionally durable during critical applications with an impressively reliable performance. It has a versatile design featuring eleven different models including high-speed, spacer, flywheel brake and controlled torque versions.

An additional bonus of the Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling is that there is no need to re-lubricate for five years if you use their proprietary Falk Long Term Grease.

Jaure Couplings

Jaure now operate under the umbrella of the Regal Beloit Corporation as part of their Power Transmission Solutions division, having been in the couplings manufacturing business for sixty years. One of their best known products is the Jauflex Elastic coupling and they have a number of other popular coupling designs including TCB Barrel couplings and Crowned Tooth Gear couplings.

Jaure’s Lamidisc All Steel Coupling is another notable design which features a particularly high resistance to harsh environmental conditions. It is also torsionally rigid which eliminates backlash and is specially designed to not require any lubrication or even regular maintenance. Helping to minimise the need for maintenance is the Lamidisc All Steel Coupling’s ability to be checked upon during operation via the use of a strobe light.

Kauermann Couplings

Kauermann are known for manufacturing the popular Kegelflex coupling which is designed to be extremely flexible. However, the Kauermann Kegelflex coupling must always be mounted correctly so the two shafts can utilise that extreme flexibility. The manufacturers of Kauermann couplings have even made detailed instructions regarding the proper installation available to ensure correct mounting is achieved.

Kauermann’s engineers recommend that the two coupling discs must be aligned as accurately as possible to ensure as long a lifespan as possible for the product, although the Kegelflex coupling is actually more than capable of tolerating a significant amount of misalignment.

Dinal Couplings

This Italian flexible coupling specialist has multiple designs to choose from depending on the specific application. The Dinal GEL coupling for example is most frequently used for connecting tachogenerators and encoders, as well as being employed in measuring instruments and with many different kinds of motor.

Other models include the Dinal Specialmatic coupling which is designed for applications where the transmission capacity requires a significant distance between the quadrants. There is also the Dinal Unimatic coupling which is primarily employed in the automotive industry and for a variety of other industrial suspension applications.

If you require any products such as the Falk couplings, Dinal couplings, Jaure couplings or Kauerman couplings, contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading couplings and industrial machine parts suppliers who can ship these high quality components all over the world.