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Couplings Manufacturers of the World


There are many coupling products available through couplings supplier YB Components, with many of the manufacturers coming from all over the world. Here we take a look at just a few of the excellent international manufacturers of these important machinery components.

China – Tschan

Chinese manufacturer Tschan Couplings designs and builds parts that are often used in the metal and steel industry, as well as for various transport systems and automobile manufacturing plants.

Tschan make the TNS Series Couplings which come in short or long hub varieties, as well as internal hub versions and others that include brake discs or removable claw rings. The TNS Series of Tschan couplings are equipped with excellent torsion flexibility to compensate for misalignment, with the integrated elastomers available in different degrees of hardness depending on the application’s requirements.

They also manufacture the Nor-Mex Coupling which has the capacity to be flexible in every direction possible, and the pure steel Posimin multiple disc coupling which is torsionally rigid and includes elastic flections to be backlash-free. The Posiflex coupling has a twin cardanic gear coupling and misalignment-compensating hubs.

Germany – Reich Couplings

The family-owned and operated Reich Couplings have been in the business of spare parts manufacturing for over seven decades and have grown over that time to become a renowned specialist in power transmission products. They design and build a small range of torsionally flexible couplings that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction machinery, railway engineering, shipbuilding, engines and vehicles.

Their Arcusaflex coupling is a very flexible flywheel coupling featuring an axial plug-in facility and torsional deflection characteristics which eliminate the backlash caused by torque transmission.

The Acrusaflex-VSK coupling also boasts high torsionally flexibility and is designed specifically for drive train applications. The vibration-damping Arcusaflex-VSK also features various characteristics and interchangeable elements that produce different torsional rigidity factors.

Italy – SIT Couplings

SIT Couplings started out in 2008 as a small company in Remini on the Adriatic coast of northern Italy. They have made brilliant progress in a relatively short space of time and have since built a fully mechanised logistics centre in Milan and opened a new branch in India.

Their most well known products are the SITEX Couplings, as well as the SITEX FL and SITEX ST varieties. The original SITEX coupling designs feature steel teeth matched with a pair of milled-teeth hubs with the inner connecting sleeve made from a stabilized super-polyamide resin. With the couplings consisting of a steel on super-polyamide resin contact, there is no need for lubrication.

The SITEX FL Couplings are similar but only come with a single hub for applications that require that variation. The single hub has a connecting flange made of super-polyamide resin reinforced with fibreglass which increases its mechanical strength and wear resistance. The FL versions of the SITEX couplings also have misalignment-compensating characteristics too.

The SITEX ST Couplings can come with either one or two hubs, with the latter equipped with the unique OPTIGEAR profile which produces very high torque transmission and misalignment compensation.

If you require any Reich couplings, TSCHAN couplings or SIT Couplings contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading couplings suppliers.