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Couplings and Clutches by Desch   


Desch are a German manufacturer that produce a wide variety of excellent gear and drive solutions, as well as numerous coupling and clutch products which are available through coupling suppliers like YB Components.

Here we take a quick look at some of the Desch coupling and clutch products available to ship fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Desch Habix Couplings

The Habix Desch couplings have flexible jaws for a versatile shaft connection that can handle a variety of torque power variables. This flexibility means the two shafts do not need a high accuracy of alignment to connect and perform optimally. The Habix coupling is precise in operation as well as being free of distortion. You can also expect a long life from this product thanks to the durability of this excellent Desch coupling.

Desch Hadeflex Couplings

The Hadeflex versions of Desch couplings are of the claw variety, with flexible elements to create a torsionally versatile connection. Rotary vibrations and impacts are also not a problem as they are dampened by the flexible elements. You can also expect excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as to oil and harsh atmospheric conditions.

Desch Orpex Couplings

The Desch Orpex product available through coupling suppliers YB Components produces a reliable torque transmission thanks to its robust housing which is designed to compensate for any axial or radial misalignment. Ideal for use with heavy duty applications, this plug-in coupling is easy to install and guarantees a reliable accuracy during operation.

Desch Centrex Clutches

The range of Desch clutches includes the Centrex clutch which is a centrifugal clutch system that includes start-up couplings and safety friction clutches. This makes them capable of dry runs thanks to the automatic and speed-dependent on and off switch. The Centrex clutch can also operate optimally against load torques, with a torque range from 100 to 5,000 Nm.

Desch Conax Clutches

Desch’s Conax clutch has been designed to protect the drive mechanism from overloading and is especially suited for use with agricultural machinery. Conax clutches can be operated by a hydraulic controller and they can force-connect both ends of the shaft at the coaxial, which enables the shaft control bearings on the shaft couplings to maintain a consistently reliable performance. This clutch is also self-centring and boasts strong resistance to high temperatures. The torque ranges for the Conax include either 100 to 5,000 Nm or 50 to 24,000 Nm.

Desch Planox Clutches

The Planox clutch by Desch is extremely flexible and is able to safely transfer torque power while protecting the drive mechanism. This is especially important when being used in applications that experience a lot of rotational vibrations. Planox clutches are often employed in mechanical plants and various other engineering facilities and can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically. They massively reduce friction caused during operation, and have a torque range between 100 to 1,000,000 Nm.

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