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ConveyXonic Special Feature: PJ286 and PJ336 Belts

The ConveyXonic series of power transmission belts are revolutionising the roller conveyor manufacturing industry by featuring longitudinal ribs which can be adjusted to transport loads ranging in weight from one kilogram up to two tonnes. Below we take a closer look at the PJ286 and PJ336 belt models, both designed with the intention of replacing more limited conveyor systems such as the flat belt, round belt and chain belt systems.

PJ286 ConveyXonic Belts

The PJ286 belt features the ConveyXonic series’ longitudinal ribs and is a power transmission belt that has been specially designed for roller conveyors. The PJ286 model is made out of the same Polyamide rubber compound that the rest of the ConveyXonic range utilise and which enables them to transport parcels weighing anything from 1 kilogram up to 2 tonnes.

The PJ286 ConveyXonic belt has excellent elastic properties which help it absorb the usual shocks and vibrations that occur during a roller conveyor’s operation. In turn this extra absorption of shocks and vibrations reduces the noise made by the machinery, resulting in a particularly quiet transmission process. Even when in constant operation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the ConveyXonic belt continues to function silently.

The PJ286 has a length of 286mm and a minimum pulley diameter of 43mm. Its minimum operating temperature is minus-30 degrees Celsius, and can be operated at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. The number of ribs on the belt can also be changed to handle different load weights, while the motor’s electrical consumption is also reduced by this Hutchinson speed drive being much more efficient than previous variable speed belt designs.

PJ336 ConveyXonic Belts

The ConveyXonic PF336 belt is also specially designed for roller conveyors, and of course features the special longitudinal ribs which can be adjusted for different load weights.  The weight range for these belts are divided into three categories, with light loads ranging between 1kg and 400kg, medium loads ranging between 400kg and 1.2 tonnes, and heavy loads up to 2 tonnes.

This PJ336 power transmission belt is also made of the same Polyamide rubber as then others in the ConveyXonic series. This special compound affords the belt particularly elastic properties which is what enables it to absorb impacts and vibrations, reducing the noise of the transmission process to practical silence. The multiple longitudinal ribs transmit the torque via the flanks of the belt ribs which make contact with the grooves in the pulley.

This model has a length of 336mm with the same 43mm minimum pulley diameter as the PJ286. Despite the extra length, the PJ336 remains compact, producing a high power transmission while lowering the operating cost compared to other belt drive systems. Once again, the operating temperature range goes from minus-30 up to 80 degrees Celsius, and if kept within this temperature range then the PJ336 can also be operated constantly 24/7.

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