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Conveyor systems maintenance tips


Is your conveyor system past its sell-by date? Are you worried that any day now the conveyor system you’ve been operating for years will cease to work and be destined for the scrap heap? Being such an expensive but vital part of manufacturing operations it stands to reason that companies worry about the prospect of their conveyor system grinding to a halt and having to be replaced with a new one. Consequently, it is within every business’s interest that relies on a conveyor system to maintain this crucial equipment well and keep it turning for as long as possible.

From Sferax linear bearings to Sirem pumps, Spaggiari gearboxes to Tschan posimin couplings, YB Components strive to keep our readers informed about various aspects of industrial component health, news and maintenance, and none so more that how to maintain conveyor systems.

Avoid misuse

One of the simplest ways to avoid premature shortening of a conveyor system is by treating it well and refraining from misuse. As Nercon Conveyors advises, one common forms of conveyor belt misuse is placing large, heavy objects on a system designed for lighter duty objects. Placing heavy items on such a system will bring unnecessary stress and wear and tear to both chain and wear strips as well as the reducers and motors.

Check the system pressure on Pneumatic systems

If your conveyor system is a pneumatic one it is crucial that a correct regulator and flow control adjustments are carried out in order to prolong the longevity of the system. Regular inspections of the regulators and proper adjustments are therefore required. As Nercon Conveyors writes:

“Excessive pressure is not only costly to produce, it has an unnecessary adverse effect on the life span of the components.”

Lubricate the bearings

Whether machinery operates Amt linear bearings or Sferax linear bearings, all types of bearings used in conveyor systems need to be properly and regularly lubricated in order for the system to be well-maintained and avoid premature malfunction.

As well as using the correct type of lubricant, the right amount should also be adhered to in order to avoid maintenance issues. It is therefore important that companies follow the recommended guidelines made by the manufacturer with regards to bearing lubrication.

Hire a maintenance technician

What you may consider to be a lavish expense can often turn out to be an invaluable investment. As Bastian Solutions advise, one of the biggest mistakes many businesses make which rely on conveyor systems is failing to hire a maintenance technician.

“A good technician will correct small problems before they become big ones,” writes Bastian.

Spare parts

Bastian also warns of the potential risk of operating a system with a failed part. If a component of your conveyor system fails get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid other serious damage being caused on other parts of the system, resulting in complete system failure.

If you require any essential industrial components replacing or require a specialist part locating, get in touch with YB Components, specialists in supplying variable speed pulleys and belts and other important industrial components for over 20 years.