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Convey Xonic Power Transmission Belt


The Convey Xonic is a power transmission elastic belt which features longitudinal ribs and has been specifically designed for roller conveyors which need to transport loads that vary greatly in weight. The Convey Xonic manufacturers have developed this roller and pallet conveyor to be able to withstand weights up to two tonnes while also capable of transporting much smaller packages weighing as little as a kilo.

Convey Xonic Load Weight Specifications

Usually stylised without a space between the words, simply as ConveyXonic, this special roller conveyor’s ‘light loads’ specifications will handle a range of load weights between one kilo and 400kg. The Convey Xonic for any load weight specification can come in a straight or curved design according to the customer’s needs. The curved design has a minimum inner radius of 800mm and a maximum roller to roller angle of five degrees. It is also possible to construct multi-level conveyors, with the efficiency of the conveyor optimised when operated at angles of no more than 10%. The Convey Xonic is also available as an accumulation roller featuring special grooved profiles.

The medium weighted loads that the ConveyXonic belt can transport will range greatly between 400kg and 1.2 tonnes. This version and the heavy load version – which can transport loads weighing up to 2 tonnes – will be more specifically used for the transport of pallets loaded with various goods.

In each case, whether the ConveyXonic is intended to be used for light or heavy loads or a wide variety of conveyor applications between each extreme, it is simply a matter of changing the number of the ribs on the belt according to the weight that the conveyor is expected to transport. The roller itself is capable of handling all of the weights mentioned from a single kilo all the way up to the maximum two tonnes.

Convey Xonic: Efficiency and High Performance

The Convey Xonic power transmission elastic belt is exceptionally efficient with a greatly reduced electrical consumption compared to similar power transmission products.

Additionally, the elastic properties of the Convey Xonic’s side guides ensures the belt doesn’t  jump or misalign during operation. It also has a noise reduction capability by absorbing shocks, vibrations and the conveyor belt flapping that is common with such products. Even at a high speed of operation, the Convey Xonic makes very little noise, primarily thanks to the special grooves which absorb the impacts and keep the belt running smoothly.

One of the best features of this power transmission belt is the fact that it can operate constantly without losing any of its high performance and efficiency. Kept in operation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the ConveyXonic will remain silent and smooth, easily handling whatever load weight the belt ribs have been set up for.

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