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Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions   


The products in the range of Cone Drive Harmonic Gears provide the ultimate in precision motion control technology. The range includes gearheads and component sets, which are all all available through Cone Drive distributors YB Components.

Also known as ‘strain wave gearing’ as explained below, the Cone Drive harmonic gearing is designed to produce low to zero backlash. The gearing has high transmission accuracy and can support a high ratio reduction in a single stage with lower inertia. Along with the extremely accurate and torque-dense build, these attributes make the Cone Drive Harmonic Gears ideal for robotic and positioning applications.

Let’s look closer at strain weave gearing and how it makes the Cone Drive Harmonic Gears perform so well.

Strain Weave Gearing Explained

Strain wave gearing is a compact and torque-dense type of gear featuring a Circular Spline, Flexspline and Wave Generator, which together form the strain wave gear. This combination gives the gearing high positional accuracy with high torsional stiffness and zero backlash.

The Wave Generator is comprised of an elliptical disc and a specially-designed thin raced ball bearing that is fitted onto an elliptical hub. A drive shaft is then connected to the hub of the Wave Generator which enables the special ball bearing to transmit torque to the gear mesh.

The Flexspline is composed of thin alloy steel which improves compliance in radial deflection. When the Wave Generator is pressed into the Flexspline, the latter conforms to the shape of the Wave Generator ellipse, enabling engagement of the teeth with the Circular Spline.

The Circular Spline is a rigid circular ring with gear teeth on the inner diameter. It has two more teeth than the Flexspline, which means that every rotation of the Wave Generator produces a slower rotation of the Flexspline than the Circular Spline. The Flexspline’s gear teeth engage across the major axis of the Wave Generator ellipse, with the Wave Generator hub’s rotation creating gear reduction between the Flexspline and Circular Spline.

Cone Drive Harmonic ‘Cup Style’ Gear

There are three styles of harmonic gear available through Cone Drive distributors, with the first being a ‘Cup Style’ which is ideal for high precision and torque density. This design features the gear extending out from the joint, with the cables running externally.

Cone Drive Harmonic ‘Hat Style’ Gear

The second model is a ‘Hat Style’ design and is better suited for high precision and torque density when the cables run through the centre of the gear.

Cone Drive Harmonic ‘Ring Style’ Gear

The ‘Ring Style’ version also features the cables running through the centre of the gear, but is better suited for applications where axial compactness is important.

If you require any Cone Drive Harmonic Gears, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s Cone Drive distributors in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.