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YB Components are now the UK’s leading Cone Drive suppliers, supplying Cone Drive gearboxes all over the UK and the rest of the world.

Cone Drive is a true world leader in power and precision motion control technology, spearheaded by their proprietary range of Harmonic Solutions. The company also goes the extra mile when it comes to the environment, recycling all scrap metal and oil as well as donating all unusable electronics for recycling through the Dell Reconnect program.

Here we provide a quick brief of some of Cone Drive’s most popular product ranges, including their precision, power and Harmonic solutions.

Cone Drive’s Precision Motion Control Solutions

The Accudrive Precision Gearbox range exceed even the most demanding needs in motion control applications. Their industry-leading servo speed reducers are equipped with the highest quality double-enveloping worm gear technology.

The Cone Drive gearboxes in the Accudrive range are ideal for the aerial lift and work platform industry, which requires machines to run continuously while emphasising safety. The market-leading technology used by Cone Drive includes aerial platform slewing drives and critical bearings, with the durability and precision of Cone Drive gearboxes easily coping with the rigorous demands of the materials handling industry.

The Accudrive products available through Cone Drive suppliers YB Components are also ideal for the food packaging, pharmaceutical and material processing industries. The Cone Drive engineers have extensive experience manufacturing gearboxes for these industries, and have a deep understanding of the numerous applications that require motion control solutions.

Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions

The Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions that use strain wave gearing offer end users the ultimate in precision motion control technology. The Harmonic product range includes gearheads and component sets, while the gearing has been specifically designed to produce low to zero backlash.

These Cone Drive gearboxes perform with a high transmission accuracy and can support a high ratio reduction in a single stage, even with lower inertia. The Harmonic torque-dense design is extremely accurate, making these Harmonic gears an excellent solution for robotic and positioning applications.

Industrial Power Transmission Gearbox Solutions

Cone Drive suppliers also offer the right angle gearbox variety, which is renowned for high torque and high precision. Cone Drive design their power transmission worm gearbox solutions with torque in mind, with their industry leading 90-degree right angle gearboxes ideal for applications that require extremely high torque and precision in a quiet and compact package.

The Cone Drive gearboxes designed for power transmission are also available with an inline configuration that also comes with a variety of precision levels.

If you require any Cone Drive gearboxes, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Cone Drive suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.