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Common Gearbox Problems and Solutions


Here at YB Components we provide a gearbox repair service for our UK customers. It includes an inspection and report completely free of charge, and all repairs are carried out under strict control. We replace seals and bearings, and source any replacement gears from the original gearbox manufacturer wherever possible.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most common gearbox problems and their solutions.

Vehicle Doesn’t Engage When in Gear

If there is a delay in the vehicle’s transmission or it doesn’t engage at all, there could either be a problem with fluid degradation or there could be a computer system problem. A gearbox fluid change should obviously solve the first issue, while the second may require a full reset of the vehicle’s computer.

You can reset the computer by disconnecting the battery for around half an hour. If problems persist after these measures, then you should have a qualified transmission mechanic look at it.

Shaking or Grinding When in Gear

Automatic gearboxes should operate smoothly when shifting gears, but any shaking or grinding could indicate a problem that could get worse if ignored. The most serious issue that might be occurring is that the gearbox has damaged gears, which will require a gearbox repair service as soon as possible as it will only get worse with continued usage.

Clunking or Humming Noises When in Neutral

Clunking noises or sometimes whiny humming noises coming from under the vehicle when in neutral could indicate an issue with the transmission. It is likely to be a simple fluid issue again, as the gears and moving components create more and more friction as the lubricant degrades.

If a fluid change doesn’t help, then there may already be internal damage which will require the attention of a qualified transmission mechanic.

Slipping Gears

Slipping gears can present a very serious safety problem and there isn’t anything you can do about it yourself other than get it in for a gearbox repair service. It is probably an issue with the vehicle’s computer not sending the right signal when you shift gears, so an expert’s help will be required.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you discover dark patches of fluid under your vehicle then you probably have a leaking transmission fluid problem. This can be a very serious problem so try and get it fixed as soon as possible because leaking fluid can quickly result in a complete breakdown of your transmission.

Also check the transmission fluid level, especially if the vehicle does not park in the same spot over and over again which would help you spot the leak on the floor. Transmission fluid should not decrease over time or mileage, so a lower level than usual indicates there is a leak. Catch this problem early via a gearbox repair service and it shouldn’t be very costly at all as the leak itself is an easy fix.

If you require a gearbox repair service with a free inspection and report, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading gearbox suppliers.