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Combiflex CX


Have been manufacturing high quality pneumatic brakes since 1974. The Combiflex CX range represents the benchmark for the converting industry, particularly for corrugated machines. 

These units offer suitability for thousands of applications in different industries, they can be found installed on roll stands all over the world. 

YB Components Ltd are pleased to supply Combiflex pneumatic brakes to the UK market.

 CX.200CX.250 HPCX.300 HPCX.400CX.500
Max torque 1 caliper (dynamic slipping)118 Nm160 Nm190 Nm270 Nm330 Nm
Min torque 1 caliper (dynamic slipping)1,2 Nm1,5 Nm1,6 Nm2,5 Nm3,3 Nm
Pressure min/max0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar0,3/6 bar
Max disc rpm30002500200015001200
Total weight18 kg20 kg26 kg40 kg53 kg
Heat dissipation without fan0,7 kW1,3 kW1,8 kW2,8 kW3,5 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 24 V1,5 kW3,5 kW (HP1)
4 kW (HP2)
4,5 kW (HP3)
5 kW (HP1)
5,5 kW (HP2)
8,8 kW12,6 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 110/220 V1,5 kW8,8 kW12,6 kW