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CKD Actuators: Pioneering Technology


Originally founded as the Japanese Aircraft Electric Company nearly three quarters of a century ago, CKD Pneumatic Components has long been established as one of the world’s leading pioneers in automation technology, as well as premium manufacturers of electric actuators. Here we take a quick look at some of the CKD actuator models they have produced, both with a motor integrated into the design and without.


Linear Electric CKD Actuator – CKD Index Motor Integrated


There are three main models of CKD motor integrated actuators. The first we’ll describe here are the KBX and KBZ versions, which are variations of the same model of CKD actuator. The KBX or KBZ actuators have a wide range of horizontal load capacities. Both the KBX and KBZ versions feature a ball screw and timing belt drive system, with the latter having a motor capacity of 50W, while the former has a capacity range of between 50W and 750W. The KBX is thus the most powerful version, with a horizontal load capacity of up to 250kg, while the smaller KBZ’s horizontal load capacity is 12kg.


The second type of CKD index motor integrated electric actuators are ERL2 and ESD2 varieties. These models are a much longer and slimmer design. The versions featuring a slider have a maximum load capacity of between 2 and 11kg, while the versions featuring a rod have a maximum load capacity of between 4 and 15kg. These CKA actuators are popular because they have an automatic confirmation function within the integrated actuator. They are also easy to maintain, feature an EC Series controller and a side mounted motor.


The third type of motor integrated CKA actuators are the ESSED and ELCR models, which are much thicker and wider than the ERL2 and ESD2 designs. These CKD actuators feature an integrated controller to save space, while the intuitive settings make operating this actuator easier than ever.


Linear Electric CKD Actuator – CKD Motorless


There are five designs in the motorless class of CKD actuators. First, the Electric Shuttle Mover (ESM) which features a double axial motion which is achieved with just one motor for space saving purposes, though the design is specifically made to be compatible with all types of CKD motors. The maximum stroke of this model is 20m, while the multi-point positioning and gentle start/stop mechanism make it ideal for many different applications.


The ETS Electric Actuator can also be equipped with motors if so desired. The repeatability factor of this model makes it very attractive for certain operational applications, with the horizontal load capacity ranging up to 150kg.


The ETV Electric Actuator is belt driven and produces particularly long strokes at high speed. Again, a variety of motors can be used in conjunction with this model if needed. This ETV version is also notable for its abundant mounting specifications. It is another design that is easy to maintain, with a 85kg maximum horizontal load capacity.


Finally, both the ECS and ECV Electric Actuators have similar specs, although at 150kg, the ECS has a much higher horizontal load capacity than the ECV which is maxed out at 85kg. They are both notable for having low dust specifications and being compatible with a variety of screw leads and motor types. The designs again allow for easy maintenance, while both the ECS and ECV have a lot of versatility due to the multiple sensor mount options.


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