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Chelic Cylinders: How to Choose a Pneumatic Actuator

 As the leading Chelic cylinders supplier for the UK, YB Components have the expertise to help you identify the ideal Chelic pneumatic cylinders and actuators for your application.

The Chelic company was founded over 37 years ago in Taiwan, with their engineers specialising in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and electric actuator automation components. The Chelic cylinders are often used in the production sector, especially with the likes of packing or forming machines. Common applications include air units, control valves and vacuum units, as well as automated modularised products and electro-control units.

The range of Chelic pneumatic cylinders is very broad and so here is a quick guide to help you identify the most suitable product available through Chelic cylinders supplier.

What Are Chelic Pneumatic Cylinders?

Pneumatic cylinder actuators are devices which convert air or fluid pressure into mechanical motion. They can also be powered electrically or hydraulically. The mechanical motion generated by the Chelic cylinders will usually be linear or rotary, and its purpose will primarily be to move objects by lifting, lowering or grasping them via linked attachments.

The range of Chelic cylinders includes solenoid valve products and modular products, as well as standard cylinders and gripper applications. Chelic also manufacture a range of vacuum units and directional devices, as well as a variety of fitting accessories.

How to Choose Chelic Cylinders

The exact type and specifications you need will obviously be determined by the application the Chelic cylinders will be used with. One of the main considerations will be the bore size, with required size ranges usually varying somewhere between 8mm and 3 metres.

Different actuators perform different functions and can be either single-acting or double-acting, depending on required force, the application’s overall size, plus the amount of accuracy or control needed. Usually a pneumatic actuator will have a piston and a rod inside it, which can be a through rod, opposite rod or rotating rod. There are also models designed without a rod.

Another one of the other key considerations when choosing which Chelic pneumatic cylinders to use is the type of movement that must be performed, which will usually be either a rotary movement or a linear movement. You will also need to figure out the pressure and flow requirements of your Chelic cylinders.

The type of environment the product must operate in is also important. There are some models that include extra corrosion resistance and others that are better suited for use in extreme temperatures.

If you are not certain which specific product is best suited to your applications, then get in touch with the experts at Chelic cylinders supplier YB Components.

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