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Carlisle Synchronous Belts


The Carlisle synchronous drive range provides plenty of options for quiet and efficient belt drive systems which require a minimum of maintenance. These variable speed belts help save time, money and energy, and they consistently outperform competitive belts in tests involving high torque and high tension.

Here we look at the Carlisle components available in their synchronous belts range.

Carlisle ACHE Belt

ACHE stands for ‘Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger’, with these Carlisle variable speed belts  having a special Z-shaped twist which are the air-cooling heat exchanger parts, hence the name. ACHE drives feature a vertical shaft, which along with the Z-twist gives the belt an upward lateral movement which helps reduce wear on the underside of the belt. The ACHE synchronous belt is energy efficient and performs at 98% operating capacity for reduced energy consumption.

Carlisle Cotton Drive Belt

The Cotton Drive belts are special one-inch pitch timing belts designed to replace OEM belts on cotton gin drives. Cotton Drive timing belts must be able to operate in harsh conditions and thus are uniquely constructed for optimum performance. They are particularly strong with dimensional stability thanks to the tensile members being constructed with Ultra-Cord. These Carlisle belts also benefit from increased resistance to tooth shear and jerks or jumps due to the special rubber compound used in their construction.

Carlisle Dual Synchronous Belt

The dual-sided construction of this drive enables a 100% load capacity on both sides for a snake-style synchronous belt. These belts have a high quality performance on either side of the belt for greater flexibility and efficiency during operation. Other notable features of this belt include its advanced polymer construction and strong fibreglass cords. The teeth also have a nylon facing to increase wear resistance.

Carlisle Panther Belt

The Panther belts are specifically designed to  improve performance as well as the lifespan of the drive by reducing the need for maintenance and downtime. Panther drives are energy efficient and provide a significantly higher torque capacity than other conventional synchronous belts. These Carlisle variable speed drives are manufactured with a special non-aramid fibre tensile member that creates extra strength and dimensional stability. An advanced polymer compound is used to produce the teeth which increases resistance against abrasion.

Carlisle XT Panther Belt

This XT Panther drive is a powerful alternative to polyurethane belts, either chain or drop-in varieties. Panther XT belts run quietly and efficiently even under harsh conditions. They are manufactured with a high temperature and oil resistant polymer to create a product that features high thermal stability as well as superb overall chemical resistance. The carbon fibre cord resists being stretched while maintaining excellent belt tension stability throughout its generous lifespan.

Carlisle Synchro-Cog HT Belt

The Synchro-Cog HT belts produce a smooth and quiet power transmission. Treated fibreglass cords are used to manufacture the Carlisle HT belts which helps guarantee length stability and high tensile strength. The smoothness and quiet operation of this belt is due to the teeth being precisely formed and accurately spaced.

Carlisle Synchro-Cog Timing Belt

The timing versions of the Synchro-Cog belt features trapezoidal teeth for more traditional synchronous applications. They are made with the advanced polymer on the precisely moulded teeth which particularly sheer resistant as well as designed to operate smoothly via an accurate meshing with the sprocket.

There are many more Carlisle components available through contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Carlisle variable speed belt suppliers who can ship their parts all over the world.