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Carlisle High Performance Belts  


There are quite a few variable speed belt designs in the Carlisle v-belts catalogue, so here we will quickly run through the most popular Carlisle variable speed belts and their unique characteristics.

Carlisle Synchronous Belts

The energy efficient Carlisle Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) belt has a unique Z-shape design which serves as the air-cooling heat exchanger.  The ACHE belt drives also have a vertical shaft to give them an upward lateral movement which greatly reduces wear and tear.

The Cotton Drive Carlisle variable speed belts are made to replace OEM belts on cotton gin drives. They are one-inch pitch timing belts that have been specially designed for use in harsh conditions. The tensile members of these belts have been constructed with Ultra-Cord that gives them extra dimensional stability compared with other belts.

The Dual Synchronous Carlisle variable speed belts feature a double-sided design which gives them a 100% load capacity on both sides. They are very flexible and efficient using an advanced polymer construction made with extra strength fibreglass cords.

The high performing Carlisle Panther belt is very resistant to wear and tear and is able to produce a high torque capacity thanks to the non-aramid fibre used in the construction of its tensile members. There is also an XT version of the Panther belt which produces a quiet but efficient operational performance. Built to be resistant to oil and high temperatures, the XT Panther belt also boasts high thermal stability thanks to the carbon fibre cord in its tensile members.

There are also two versions of the Synchro-Cog Carlisle variable speed belts, including the HT belt and the Timing belt. The former is known for its smooth and quiet power transmission thanks to the precise and accurate spacing of the teeth. The treated fibreglass cords in the tensile members also create excellent stability and strength. The Timing version of the Synchro-Cog belt has trapezoidal teeth made with an advanced polymer that makes the moulded teeth very sheer resistant.

Carlisle Heavy Duty Belts

Carlisle’s Aramax Xtra Duty variable speed belt is designed for outdoor power applications and features a smooth clutching cover and aramid tensile members that give it extra strength and durability, as well as minimising the stretch factor. The Aramax Xtra Duty Carlisle variable speed belt should be used with applications producing heavy shock loads.

The Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt by Carlisle is another high performing heavy duty variable speed belt constructed with a durable synthetic rubber called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. As well as being very durable in demanding conditions, the Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt is static conductive and very heat resistant, even within a wide range of temperatures such as -45 degrees Celsius up to 121 degrees Celsius

The Metric Power-Wedge Cog-Belt is also robust and durable and can operate within the same wide range of temperatures as the Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt. This belt’s cog profile is designed to minimise any bending stress during operation, while the side walls of the Metric Power-Wedge Cog-Belt also reduce vibration.

If you require any Carlisle variable speed belts such as those described above then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Carlisle variable speed belt suppliers.