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BV Vibrators Installation and Maintenance   

Installing BV Vibrators requires a few steps that require skills such as welding and high tensile bolt fastening. The BV Vibrators maintenance schedule also requires multiple parts to checked and retightened regularly.

Here is a quick guide to both the installation and maintenance of BV Vibrators.

BV Vibrators Installation

The first step of installing BV Vibrators requires the operator to attach the pneumatic vibrator to a mounting plate. The products in the BV Vibrators range come with either a 2 bolt or a 4 bolt fixing.

Once the product is attached to the mounting plate, use the stitch welding technique to fix the mounting plate to the hopper (or bin, pipe or chute etc). In cases where only a single vibrator is being used, then it best placed approximately one third of the way up the inclined face of the hopper. In cases where 2 or 3 vibrators are being used in the same application, they should be spaced equally apart and staggered up the side.

When stitch welding the mounting plate to the hopper, make sure to leave the ends free of weld for approximately 20mm. The operator will also need to check that the mounting plate is flat after the stitch welding process is complete, as it must be flat for the BV Vibrator to produce an optimal performance.

Continue the BV Vibrators installation by using high tensile bolts (quality 8.8 – DIN 931-933) which should be sized according to the vibrator model’s fixing holes. Operators should note that these high tensile bolt fixings will need to be retightened after the first hour of operation, and then periodically thereafter (as also noted in the BV Vibrators maintenance instructions below).

Proper BV Vibrators installation requires all safety cables to be threaded through the safety eyes on the product.

BV Vibrators Maintenance

Maintenance of BV Vibrators starts by making sure the air supply is lubricated and filtered.

If the product is to be used for continuous operation then an on/off valve may be used. However, a 3-port and 2-way valve must be used for single impact usage. Either way, the valve must be able to open quickly.

As stated in the BV Vibrators installation instructions above, the high tensile bolts will need to be retightened after the first hour of operation. They will then need to be periodically retightened so make sure this is added to the regular maintenance schedule.

You will also need to check and set air pressure to ensure your application has the most effective vibrator operation. The permitted range is 2 to 6 bar.

Regularly check the lubrication level and add oil when necessary. Use a lubricating oil such as SAE 10 or lighter for normal operations. However, if the application is operating in extremely cold conditions, lubricate with a mixture of anti-freeze or paraffin with oil instead.

All of the air connections will need regular checks to see if they need retightening. Also monitor the air line filter and drain bowl, and ensure the vibrator interior is well lubricated before it experiences a significant amount of downtime.

If you require more information on BV Vibrators installation or maintenance, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading BV Vibrators distributor.