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BV Vibrators for Maximum Impact  

YB Components are pleased to announce that UK customers can now get their hands on the excellent BV Pneumatic Vibrators.

Any company working in an industry that requires the movement of materials through pipes, feeds or trailers will know how important these types of impacting piston vibrators are. The range of robust BV Vibrators available through YB Components includes a variety of size and bolt fixing options to suit your specifications, including two-bolt fixings and four-bolt fixings. There are also Linear BV Vibrators which can be continuously operated or provide a single impact.

Let’s have a quick look at BV Vibrators and the BV pneumatic vibrator products.

BV Pneumatic Vibrators

The range of BV Pneumatic Vibrators include a variety of impacting piston BV vibrators that simulate a high frequency hammer action. This pneumatic or air-powered action transfers the maximum amount of possible force to its mount while conserving as much air usage as possible.

The impactful nature of BV vibrators make them pretty noisy during operation, although some models are designed to reduce the noise levels. Each model has a rugged construction to make them robust and last for a good amount of time before the impacts inevitably wear them out.

The linear force output of BV Vibrators ranges from 190lbs to 9085lbs, roughly equivalent to a range of 86kg to 4120kg. These products can be operated intermittently for between four and eight hours per day.

Inside BV Vibrators

The standard BV Pneumatic vibrators feature a steel piston that reciprocates inside a cylindrical housing at a high frequency in order to create an impact on the hardened end plates. This reciprocating and high frequency action simulates the impact of a hammer and causes the attached article to vibrate at its natural frequency.

External valves are only required to control the air supply thanks to specially-designed internal porting that enables the steel impacting piston vibrator to reciprocate without external controls. When the frequency and force need to be adjusted, the operator can achieve this by simply adjusting the air pressure.

Applications for BV Vibrators

The BV Pneumatic Vibrators create powerful linear force to keep materials flowing in receptacles such as industrial bins and hoppers as well as pipes and chutes. BV Vibrators can be also be applied pretty much anywhere where sticking or clinging material may hinder the rest of a material’s flow.

Other common applications include feed hoppers, dump truck trailers and coal bunkers, as well as silos and pipelines. All applications that require a constant and steady flow of materials can benefit from such impacting piston vibrators. They prevent clogging and blockages to prevent unnecessary downtime.

If you require BV Pneumatic Vibrators, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading BV Vibrators suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.