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MVP® sheaves are a series of angular faced center flanges which are bolted to the fixed flange mounted on the barrel. They also contain another series of angular faced flanges which are bolted to the end flange and threaded locking collar.

When the threaded locking collar is turned clockwise, it moves the angular flanges closer together increasing the pitch diameter. When the collar is moved counterclockwise, the flanges are moved apart, decreasing the pitch diameter. The pitch diameter is infinite. This means the collar adjustment can be turned and stopped at any time regardless of location between the minimum and the maximum setting.

When the desired diameter is obtained, the locking collar is locked by tightening screws. In contrast VL, VP, and VM sheaves are limited by “half- turn” or 180 degree adjustment points

  • Available in both Classical and Narrow Belts
    • Classical Belt Offering: A & B – 2 to 6 groove, C – 2 to 10 groove
    • Narrow Belf Offering: 5V – 4 to 10 groove, 8V – 3 to 10 groove.
  • Lean manufacturing technique allows for not stock MVP sizes to be built in 3 to 5 days.
  • They have a large selection of Sheave products. They also make available the best product for specific applications and most economical drive design.


Browning® Variable Pitch design offers pitch diameter ranges 3.4 – 8.5” to 25 HP. Unique manufacturing design ensures precise adjustability, balance and unmatched performance.VL Variable Speed Pulley and VM Variable Speed Pulley

Browning Variable Pitch sheaves help reduce vibration by having a robust casting ribbed design that helps improve balance and heat dissipation. These sheaves offer tight thread tolerances for superior performance. 1 & 2 groove sheaves will accept the widest range of belts of any manufacturer 3L, 4L, A, AX, 5L, B, BX, 5V and 5VX.

  • Light duty applications up to 25HP
  • Pitch diameter range 1.6” – 8.5”