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Bonora: Motor Specialists


Bonora Electric Motors are an Italian motor manufacturer who have created a multitude of high quality motors designed for specific applications. They make both single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, with their products continuing to increase in popularity around the world.

Some of the applications where Bonora’s high quality motors are utilised include the likes of washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as more intricate tasks such as motorising measuring tools which maintain the balance of  rotating machine parts.

Here we take a look at more of the specific applications that Bonora’s motors are used for.

Machine Working Motors

Wood working machines and tools are one of the main beneficiaries of Bonora components, where motors are used to help process or grind wood material. Bonora also manufacture motors to handle even tougher materials such as metal, with iron working machines using them to shear, notch and even punch holes in metals such as steel plate.

Iron working machines usually operate either by utilising a mechanical advantage or via a hydraulic system with the motors an essential part of either method. The same goes for hydraulic power units for lifts and hoists, with Bonora designing and manufacturing special motors that can operate while being submerged in oil.

Power Transmission Applications

Power transmission is simply the transferring of a certain amount of energy from the source where it is generated to another location, where it will usually be used to power some machine or other utility. Bonora have motors designed specifically for this power transmission task, which is most frequently found in the automotive industry.

Pretty much every kid of automobile benefits from the kind of power transmission enabled by Bonora components, from road vehicles such as cars and motorbikes to working vehicles like tractors and fork lift trucks.

Motors For Pumps and Ventilation Systems

Bonora also manufacture motors that operate aspiration or ventilation systems as well as other kinds of air pump. This kind of application can range massively between the inflation pumps of bouncy castles to office air conditioning systems.

Another such air pump might use the force of compressed gas to operate a mechanical function, such as with a pneumatic pump which moves fluids through a piping system thanks to the compressed air originally creating the force that moves it. Pneumatic pumps actually use air the same way that hydraulic pumps use fluids, with Bonora also manufacturing a motor specifically designed to be used with liquid pumps.

External fan cooling machines are another device where Bonora’s components are often found to be the motor component at the heart of the operation.

Food and Drink Industry Applications

Although all the Bonora components can be utilised in a wide variety of ways, there are two specific areas of the food and drink industry where they are most frequently found. The first is with coffee grinding machines, with Bonora having designed and manufactured a motor specifically for this task.

The other area where Bonora motors are often found is in the meat working industry, where their clean and efficient designs motorise the likes of meat processing and packing machines.

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