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Boneng Transmission Co Ltd

Boneng Gearboxes are available through YB Components Ltd to serve the UK and Europe


Established in 1992, Boneng Transmission now has several assembly plants around the world offering high precision units.


Boneng offers international standard high quality products and has large warehouse to guarantee the prompt delivery. Boneng gearboxes widely service in Mining, mill, Chemical & environment, Metal processing, Construction material, Crane & hoist, Harbor, Vehicle & Boat, Farm & light industry, and entertainment etc



T Series Spiral Bevel Gear Units

Power range: 4-5000kw

Transmission ratio range: 1.25-450(imax 138000)

Torque range: 2.3-900KN.mFeatures◆ T series Spiral Bevel Gear Units have been standardized and come out in various types.

All ratios like 1∶1, 1.5∶1, 2∶1, and 3∶1 are actual ones


R Series Worm Gear Units



i:7.1-63 (imax:2500)

T2N:36-553N.m Features◆ Unique modular design,general applications of components are maximized,which
is convenient for international production,storage quantity is small,supplement circle is

◆ Unique modular design,allocation exchange degree of functional attachments flexibly
satisfy various kinds of required structures, arrangement form and different working
situations of customer equipment.short.

◆ Homodromous shaft output,worm box can be used together, thus reduce driving source.

◆ It applies Germany imported worm hob processing,which optimize worm gear
face contact region .The transmission accuracy is high, bearing capacity is large.

◆ The apearance design shows world-wise product design idea of Boneng transmission,
it owns intellectual property rights.

◆ Tt can get large transmission ratio with single level transmission, the transmission is
stable,it owns foot mounting, flange mount, shaft mount, shaft mounting and various
kinds of mounting methods, Vibration ,impact and noise are low.

◆ It owns foot mounting, flange mounting,shaft mounting and various kinds of
mounting methods, which can satisfy various kinds of mounting requirements
of customers.

◆ The material of worm is tin bronze,the worm rod is alloy steel, which is grinded
after carburzing and quenching;the material has good anti-gluing and
anti-abrasion performances, the lifespan is long.

◆ Fluorous rubber sealing piece,with good high-temperature resistant, anti-aging and
anti-abrasion performance, it is safer and with longer lifespan in complex and bad
working environment

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MB Series Various Speed Driver



Basic speed range:200- 1000r/minFeatures:

◆ Wide speed variations: 200r/min-1000r/min (4-pole motor), suitable for continuous running, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, speed adjusted as the loaded starting or operation requires, conforming to the change or continuous change of technical parameters. High precision in speed variation, high strength, coaxial structure, Small size, light weight, reliable performance. Constant output speed under permissible load. Smooth transmission, low noise, long lifetime, minimum maintenance, simple operation and high efficiency



CR Series Helical Gear Units


Power range:0.12 – 160kW

Ratio: 1.6 – 18125

Torque: 21 – 18000N.m



◆ Modular design makes short turnaround;

◆ En-block casting housing and well rigidity structure, high load, stable transmission and low noisy;

◆ Fluorine rubber oil seal prevent leakage;

◆ CRM series Special design for mixing;

◆ Good value for money and less maintains.



P Series Planetary Gear Units


Power range:0.5∼14000kW

Transmission ration range:25∼4000

Torque range:22∼2600kN.m Features

◆ Highly modular design.

◆ Quality material ensures the product reliability.

◆ Fluctuation structure design house with high load capacity and cooling performance.

◆ Fluorine rubber sealing with good anti-leakage performance.

◆ Optional accessories

◆ Various options to combine with other gear units.



K Series Helical-Bevel Gear Units


Power range: 0.12 – 200kW

Ratio: 3.5 – 191(IMAX:12889)

Torque: 155 – 50000N.mFeatures

◆ Modular design makes short turnaround;

◆ En-block casting housing and well rigidity structure, high load, stable transmission and low noisy.

◆ Fluorine rubber oil seal prevent leakage.

◆ Gear with advanced grinding and casting which showed good performance in working;

◆ Good value for money and less maintains