Industrial gearboxes, motors, couplings, clutches, ball bearings

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The Une-Flex flexible tyre couplings available through YB Components are known for their high flexibility

There is a range of self-priming industrial electropumps available through OSIP Pumps suppliers such as

Flexible disc couplings such as those available through Lamaflex distributors are a special type of

Hohner Automation are renowned for their incremental and absolute encoder products, with both being a

The Eurobelt plastic modular belts available through Eurobelt distributors in the UK are integral components

Chelic Cylinders are an important manufacturer who design and produce many products that are vital

Pneumatic and linear vibrators are essential equipment used in a variety of industries, with BV

The AZ Pneumatica filter separators available through YB Components are essential elements of a variety

Gearboxes or transmissions play a crucial role in the operation of vehicles and machinery by

Zurrer AC motors are popular throughout a number of industries and applications, as are the

For spherical bearings, YB Components can supply you with whichever manufacturer brand and model is

As Spaggiari suppliers in the UK, YB Components provide access to their excellent product range

You can get all the gear-motors and Sirem pumps you need for milk cooling equipment

The spring tool balancers manufactured by Sira help enhance workplace safety while reducing the risk

Why Use Rigid Couplings?

You can generalise couplings into two different types, one being rigid and the other flexible.

The Pacific Linear Bearing Corporation may be better known as the parent company of PBC

Planox Clutch Types

There are different types of the Planox Multi Plate Friction Clutch designed by Desch, with

There are multiple different types of shaft arrangements possible in the design of a gearbox,

As the leading LAM suppliers in the UK, YB Components provide businesses based here and

The Jauflex elastic coupling is a non-lubricated elastomeric coupling manufactured by coupling specialists Jaure Couplings.

The Hadeflex coupling is a claw coupling that features flexible elements that provide a torsionally

The Habix coupling available through YB Components is a popular choice throughout a number of

As a forklift chains supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know how important they are for safe

As the leading ball bearings supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components supply clients all over the

As the leading clutches supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components have a wealth of experience regarding

Bevel helical gearboxes & geared motors feature an angular design with the output shaft of

As suppliers of Heinz products and those from the original Manifold range now under the

Belt and Pulley Applications  

Belt and pulley systems are used throughout most industries to some degree or another, with

How to Store Bearings Correctly

As a bearing supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know exactly how important bearings are for reducing

There are several things you should know when contacting your local ballscrews suppliers for replacements.

Belt Drive Dangers  

As a belts supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components can attest to the popularity of the belt

As an agricultural motors supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components have learned a lot about the different

The worm-geared motor BS Series available through Bauer suppliers is economical  and right-angled for easy

As the leading Rulmeca rollers distributors in the UK, YB Components are well placed to

Industrial machinery will always encounter problems due to the heavy workloads they endure, but repair

How Ball Bearings Are Made  

While hardly the most pressing matter in the world of industrial machinery, have you ever

An experienced timing belts supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components will have knowledge of the various

Couplings are vital for connecting rotating shafts and transferring torque in a wide variety of

Contitech manufacture a variety of drive belts that have been specifically designed for use in

Some industries such as mining and quarrying require equipment that can perform well even in

If your application uses roller chains such as those available through a roller chains supplier

Caterpillars are heavy duty equipment used in multiple different industries. They are hard working and

Roller bearings of all shapes and sizes are available through the UK’s leading roller bearings

Vibramod Micro Vibration Motors

Vibramod micro vibrators are electric vibration motors that are small enough to fit into tight

As the UK’s leading UNEFLEX couplings distributor, YB Components can provide UK businesses and those

Electric water pumps make certain applications much easier, especially if you use the high quality

Lamaflex sheet couplings are flexible disc-style couplings that can be used to link machine shafts

Hohner Heavy Duty Encoders

 Hohner Automation design and manufacture a wide range of incremental and absolute encoders, but in

The range of Eurobelt conveyor belts is one of the widest ranges of plastic modular

YB Components are the leading Vibramod suppliers in the UK, providing British businesses with the

CHELIC Solenoid Valves

   Based in New Taipei City in Taiwan, manufacturers Chelic design and build a variety

Installing BV Vibrators requires a few steps that require skills such as welding and high

There are a variety of AZ Pneumatica pressure regulators available through industrial parts suppliers YB

As the UK’s leading Alligator Fasteners suppliers, YB Components can provide businesses across the UK

 Available through YB Components who are the leading Acoflex suppliers in the UK, the Acoflex

Une are specialists in designing and manufacturing rubber-metal and textile-rubber industrial coupling products, in particular

  YB Components are now supplying the UK with OSIP Pumps, which includes their range

YB Components are now Hohner Automation suppliers for the UK. The range of Hohner encoders

YB Components recently became UK Eurobelt suppliers and we are delighted to be able to

 As the leading Chelic cylinders supplier for the UK, YB Components have the expertise to

YB Components are pleased to announce that UK customers can now get their hands on

The Alligator Lacing Fastening System is designed for easy and economical installation of a low-profile

Available in the UK through YB Components, Acoflex Couplings are flexible couplings variously known as

With many drive components prone to failing if operated incorrectly, it is important to know

AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts are used across a wide variety of industries, with a robust

The comprehensive range of Flender gearboxes and geared motors is impressive enough from a design

Anti-vibration mounts such as those manufactured by AMC Mecanocaucho are quite simple in their purpose,

While a gearbox repair service like that provided by YB Components can be very helpful,

The various Motori Bonora components for pumps include designs specifically for liquid pumps, air pumps

UK Homwing Distributors   

With products available through UK Homwing distributors YB Components, the Shenzhen Homwing Technology Company has

   As the UK’s leading linear bearings supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components are well placed to

Keeping gearboxes and geared motor units humming along nicely requires plenty of care and maintenance,

Berges Parts Suppliers UK  

Originally founded in 1926, C&W Berges GmbH have been constantly expanding and improving their range

Lubrication oil is absolutely necessary when using the likes of planetary gear motors, and there

Correctly installing and maintaining couplings should be a high priority for any business reliant on

As an industrial chain supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know that roller chains are one of

Pulleys make lifting heavy loads easier, and there are different types such as a fixed

SMD Harmonic Gearboxes

The range of ‘brilliantly agile’ SMD Gearboxes features a variety of models including planetary and

Aokman Shaft-Mounted Gearboxes

The Aokman shaft-mounted gearboxes available through Aokman Drive distributors are designed to be tough and

Agricultural machinery covers a lot of different types of equipment, and keeping it performing optimally

Inside Harmonic Drives   

  With YB Components becoming Cone Drive distributors this year, we thought we’d take time

As experienced transmission belts suppliers in Yorkshire, YB Components are experts in the different kinds

  Along with a variety of line, stand alone and handling machines, Alberti Engineering also

As Homwing gear drive suppliers, YB Components can supply businesses all over the UK and

How to Avoid Motor Failure

As the leading electric motors supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components have years of experience dealing

The consequences of bearing failure can be very serious, including injury to workers as well

  Wrapflex couplings serve a vital function in helping extend the service lives of industrial

SMD Gearbox Solutions

With their headquarters in Taiwan, SMD Gearbox have been pioneers of various types of servomotor

The products in the range of Cone Drive Harmonic Gears provide the ultimate in precision

YB Components are pleased to announce that the company is now the leading Alberti Engineering

YB Components are now the UK’s leading Cone Drive suppliers, supplying Cone Drive gearboxes all

As an experienced industrial bearings supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components have helped customers with all sorts

Regular maintenance and monitoring is a vital part of ensuring control pulleys perform reliably, and

Spaggiari Coaxial Gearboxes

  Coaxial gearboxes such as Spaggiari coaxial gearboxes feature a drive shaft and an output

The Danfoss Bauer industrial gearbox with a C-adapter motor connection is one of the most

The packaging industry relies a lot on a variety of components to operate the necessary

SGR Helical Gear Motors  

SGR Gear Motors make sure to never compromise on quality when manufacturing their products, thus

Aokman Drives have manufactured some high quality Aokman worm gearboxes and Aokman worm gear motors

Brushless DC gearmotors or geared motors were originally developed to solve certain performance issues inherent

The Simogear servo geared motors available through Siemens suppliers YB Components are well known for

Homwing Harmonic Reducers

Homwing harmonic reducers have recently been added to the YB Components catalogue, and the high

YB Components recently became Aokman Drive suppliers and their excellent gearbox products are now available

Siemens are a technology company who develop and manufacture a variety of high quality gear

ZD Motor specialise in the development and manufacture of high precision gears, motors, micro-motors and

SGR gearboxes and gear reducers are now available to customers of SGR suppliers YB Components.

The range of AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts is extensive and there are many excellent products

Premature bearing failure can have consequences ranging from costly downtime to catastrophic machine malfunctions. Such

The development of modern packaging machinery has been something of a revolution in industrial sectors.

AVE Chains Solutions

AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts, conveyor chains and plate chains. The company

Most plant managers will have heard of predictive maintenance as a way to maximise the

Torque density is an often overlooked parameter when it comes to designing mechanical systems, but

The humble microswitch will be 90 years old this year, with the first design of

Planetary gears are used in a lot of modern engineering which is why YB Components

UK manufacturing is hoping to have a better year in 2022 than the previous two,

 Linear Bearings Guide

There are few different kinds of linear bearings, sometimes called linear bushings. The two main

The Deserti Meccanica variable speed pulleys and associated amplification accessories recently became available to customers

As a roller chains supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know all too well the common maintenance

While predominantly known for their excellent brake motors, MGM Electric Motors also manufacture a high

Deserti Meccanica is an Italian manufacturer of variable speed pulleys, torque limiters and electromagnetic brakes.

Brake motor specialists MGM Electric Motors have arrived at YB Components with local stocks kept

Industrial couplings are crucial elements of a wide range of machinery, so they must be

Bearing Failure Warning Signs

Downtime caused by bearing failure can either be moderately inconvenient or an absolutely disaster, but

Electric motors are one of the most important components of many industrial applications across a

You know when you buy couplings through specialist couplings suppliers like YB Components that you

Electric motors are one of the most important components of many industrial applications across a

V-belts are some of the most common components in industrial machinery, with belts suppliers like

Replacing a transmission belt is usually a fairly simple task, but one that is crucial

The installation of a variable speed belt, such as those available through a v-belts supplier

As a popular industrial chain supplier in Yorkshire, YB Components keep a local stock of

Desch are a German manufacturer that produce a wide variety of excellent gear and drive

Electric actuators require screw mechanisms to move loads linearly, with ball screws (or ballscrews) and

Gear Guide   

As a gearbox supplier, YB Components have a lot of experience supplying many different types

Regina Conveyor Chains   

Manufacture of Regina conveyor chains began back in the early 1980s, and the company has

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, usually with the purpose of creating motion.

The Itoh-Denki motorised drive rollers, controllers and diverter modules available through Itoh Denki distributors YB

Enemac Torque Limiters   

Enemac use a precision manufacturing technique to produce a variety of couplings and shaft locking

Introducing Regina Chains   

YB Components are pleased to announce Regina Chains as the new addition to their already

Now available through Itoh-Denki suppliers YB Components are the superb motorised drive rollers for material

As an agricultural gearbox supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components ship these crucial machinery parts all over

Ballscrews Vs. Roller Screws

Ballscrews and roller screws are two of the most popular components for applications that move

Ruland servo coupling manufacturing company was originally established in 1937 and quickly became a reliable

Fixed Speed Gearboxes

These days, engineers and machine operators have a lot of different types of transmissions to

Filling level sensors monitor and regulate the level of liquid goods or free-flowing substances such

A lot of modern industrial machinery uses electronic components, such as Senotec switching amplifiers which

The main products supplied by YB Components are usually gearboxes and motors, couplings and clutches,

The asymmetrical pulleys using the Becker System have a lot of advantages over other similar

The Rectus hose coupling is a quick connection device that lets you connect hoses easily

Laifual Drive Applications

The gear reducers that Laifual Drive manufacture are used in a wide variety of industries

Wrapflex Couplings

Wrapflex couplings use material-flexing that does not require any lubrication. They are used in a

One of the most useful solutions for maximising the space of a warehouse, factory or

Motor Manufacturers

There are a lot of high quality motor manufacturers around the world and it is

Linix Motors   

Linix Motors originated in 1968 and has become one of China’s key high-tech enterprises focusing

Here is a quick transmission belt guide to help you decide between flat, variable speed

There are many advantages to be gained by using PMI linear guideways, or AMT slide

Universal joints are a mechanism for transmitting power or rotational movement through two misaligned shafts.

The mechanical components that connect the ends of two shafts are called couplings or gear

We supply many parts for industrial machines such as compressors, with manufacturers like Flender Couplings

As a conveyor roller belts supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know a lot about conveyor systems

There are quite a few variable speed belt designs in the Carlisle v-belts catalogue, so

The history of the drive chain technically dates back thousands of years, though it was

There are a lot of Flender couplings available through Flender suppliers YB Components to suit

There are a lot of similar sounding terms when it comes to gearboxes and geared

Every kind of gear type has its own pros and cons that make it suitable

The Hangsinco Ltd company’s gear reducer products are now available through Hangsin suppliers YB Components.

The Rotafrix friction rings and friction wheels developed and manufactured by ContiTech Vibration Control have

Contitech’s Rotafrix friction wheels, rings and guide pulleys are now available through Rotafrix suppliers YB

AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers like YB Components supply a lot of the renowned manufacturer’s different anti

There are many manufacturers that produce reliable couplings available through coupling suppliers YB Components. Here

Flender Couplings

YB Components are the UK’s leading Flender suppliers and supply a wide variety of Flender

Spare parts for Flender gearboxes and geared motors are now available through Flender suppliers YB

We supply parts and components for a wide variety of industrial machinery, with products designed

Gearbox Repair Process

Gearboxes are valuable parts of greater machines and can get pretty expensive to outright replace.

Industrial V-Belts Guide

There is a wide variety of industrial v-belts available made by many different reliable manufacturers,

A recent market study forecasting the temperature and pressure switches market over the next six

Agricultural Machinery Parts

Supplying machinery components to the agricultural industry is big part of the operations of any

The official representative of the UK’s manufacturers has called upon the Government to use the

All manufacturing equipment will experience wear and tear over time, but there are some effective

Tschan Flexible Couplings

The Tschan -S SV coupling is a torsionally flexible and puncture-proof claw coupling available through

Here at YB Components we provide a gearbox repair service for our UK customers. It

Heidelberg Platen Press

The original Heidelberg Platen Press was first introduced back in 1914 and continued to be

Belt Drive Manufacturers

With the recent addition of Swati Pulley and Laifual Drive belt products to the range

New Year, New Products!

Towards the end of 2020 we introduced some new manufacturers as well as some new

Swati Pulley Suppliers

The Swati Pulley Company was founded thirty years ago and has since become one of

Swati Pulley Suppliers

The Swati Pulley Company was founded thirty years ago and has since become one of

Laifual Drive Suppliers

Laifual Drive distributors are now able to supply the full range of Laifual Drive harmonic

Deepak Pulleys make some of the most versatile speed pulley drives that can be used

  New to the range of machinery components available through YB Components are Swati Pulley,

Laifual Drive design and build some of the most reliable and long lasting planetary gear

What Causes Gear Motor Failure

There are a variety of reasons why geared motor units fail so it is wise

YB Components are proud to supply products from two of the longest serving manufacturers of

Buying a new industrial machine can be the perfect opportunity to help you expand production

Machinery maintenance is important for keeping mechanical assets in good working order as it minimises

Choosing Machinery Lubricant

Researching and investing in the right lubricant for your industrial applications can save your serious

There are four different types of freewheeling clutch, also known as overrunning clutches. They are

There are a lot of different types of gearmotor with many variables to consider when

Clutches are everywhere in all kinds of machinery, and often in places you wouldn’t even

Geared motor units are often classified by their output shaft orientation, which is to say

Ball Screw Protection Tips

Motion system components are always susceptible to harsh conditions, especially those with a rolling action

Supror HB Industrial Gearbox

Supror Gearboxes are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes and geared motors as well as planetary

Industrial Chains and Belts

Chains and belts are crucial components of conveyor belt systems and numerous other industrial applications.

We supply the very best gearboxes and gear-motors from the best manufacturers from all over

HTD Belts Suppliers

The HTD belt is a rubber timing drive featuring a curvilinear tooth profile. This curvilinear

Ballscrews Types

There are many different types of ballscrews that suit different purposes and applications, so here

Ballscrews Terminologies

There is a lot of jargon related to ballscrews, some familiar and some less so.

There are many special machinery parts available through YB Components, who can ship them out

Mondall are one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for aluminium profiles. They have been

There are many coupling products available through couplings supplier YB Components, with many of the

Anti-vibration mounts are used for reducing or entirely eliminating vibration and noise caused by a

V-Belts and Wedge Belts

As a V-belts and wedge belts supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components know the importance of understanding

Cranes and Crane Wheels

Cranes are important machines for construction and industrial processes because they enable the movement and

High temperature applications can cause a number of problems for bearings if they are the

Flexible couplings are popular as they are able to accommodate a significant amount of misalignment

Bearing Types

Industrial bearings suppliers provide a wide variety of bearing types and designs built by manufacturers

Sumitomo Concentric

Sumitomo have been producing superior gearboxes and speed reducers for the best part of a

This v-belt installation guide will show you what you need to do to prepare the

Machinery parts and gearboxes suppliers like YB Components often help customers mend broken machinery with

Supror Gear Reducers

The gearboxes and gear reducer manufacturer Supror has a produced a series of products designed

As chains and belts are vital and yet also the most easy-wearing parts in many

Agricultural Machines

There are many different types of agricultural equipment used in farming and other agriculture, with

There are a lot of different variable speed belt products designed and built by many

Wedge belts are designed for high performance and can deliver up to double the amount

If you are looking for couplings and clutches from a couplings supplier, Yorkshire-based YB Components

Modern bearing lubricants serve multiple functions depending on the application. These include creating a barrier

One of the enduringly tried and trusted linear actuation methods is the chain drive which

Miki Pulley have an excellent reputation for producing high quality products such as their speed

High Torque Gear Motors

  A gear motor is a single component that integrates a gear reducer with an

Linear Bearings Guide

There are two basic types of linear bearing, one with a plain element and another

Most industrial automation systems produce motion and in turn vibration. Kinetic energy is usually released

Choose the Right Conveyor

Almost every product has been transported at some point or another along a conveyor during

Industrial Roller Chains

Motion control systems exist primarily to move a load from one place to another, with

Industrial Ballscrew Guide

The ballscrew selection requires a good understanding of the application criteria that this vital machinery

When selecting gearboxes and geared motors, you should always consider certain key design aspects in

Rigid or Flexible Couplings?

Couplings are a crucial component of many industrial machines, joining together two shafts so one

Torque limiters or overload clutches are special industrial machinery components that are specifically designed to

Industrial Rollers

Motion control systems rely on a number of separate components to function. Motors are vital

Industrial Bearings

Industrial bearings are very simple machinery components but are vital for enabling motion between two

Miki Pulley are a Japanese company with offices and plants in a number of countries

Industrial equipment often experiences an abundance of shocks and impacts, either as a result of

Gearbox Design and Manufacture

Understanding exactly what goes into the design of a gearbox will help anyone who needs

Crane Wheels Supplier

Image Credit TSS Ltd A lot of modern construction projects rely heavily on cranes and

RGM Gearboxes

Renowned the world over as the ‘Specialist for Worm Geared Motors’, the company known as

Supror Gearboxes

Supror Gearboxes are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes and geared motors as well as planetary

Couplings are one of the most commonly sought after machine components as they are necessary

Torque Limiters Explained

Torque limiters are required to protect loads or the equipment itself from the damage caused

Since 1988, industrial machinery safety standards in Britain have been certified by the Code of

Osborn Rollers Load Runners

The Load Runner range manufactured by Osborn Rollers features a variety of heavy-duty idler rollers

The words ‘gearbox’ and ‘transmission’ are often used interchangeably, though there are differences as to

Rulmeca Bulk Handling Rollers

The Rulmeca Group, comprised of the Precismeca, Melco and Rulmeca brands, understands that the movement

Rulmeca Rollers

Rulmeca has established themselves as one of the world’s most important and reliable manufacturers of

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors

When most people think of agricultural machinery, they think of a tractor. There are many

Clutch Maintenance Advice

Clutch maintenance is an oft overlooked part of keeping industrial vehicles in good running order.

A lot of machinery used in workplaces such as factories, engineering works or agricultural land

Universal Joint Inventors

As one of the leading Universal joints distributors in the UK, YB Components have long

All About Clutches

Clutches are an integral part of many different types of vehicle and industrial machine. Their

As a popular manufacturer of switching amplifiers and other capacity level control technology, Senotec have

The DIN Specification, or DIN SPEC as it is usually stylised as, is a certification

Vulkollan wheels are a popular product used on a wide variety of industrial applications. They

Continental manufactures a variety of Poly-V belts for wraparound drives with small pulley diameters. Such

Yorkshire Belts Supplier

Yorkshire is home to many businesses running industrial machinery, with companies operating all over the

CPG is a professional enterprise integrating development, production and sales of gear motor reducers. Their

There are many excellent ball bearing products designed by the best manufacturers of industrial parts

Leaf Chains Suppliers

Leaf chains are rollerless chains used in a variety of material handling applications, perhaps most

AVE Conveyor Chains

AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts and plate chains that are designed to

Wanshsin Parts

Wanshsin gear motor manufacturers make gearboxes and reducer motors for a variety of applications in

Formerly known as the AMT linear bearings manufacturer, PMI Linear Motion Systems design and build

The agricultural industry relies on a lot of machinery maintaining a high level of performance

There are many pneumatic industrial components for a wide variety of applications that are available

AMC Mecanocaucho

AMC Mecanocaucho have been developing their range of anti-vibration mounts for nearly half a century

Trasco couplings are the flexible and omocinetic coupling design by SIT that produces the best

Falk are one of the most respected coupling manufacturers in the world and all Falk

Bauer Geared Motors

Bauer Gear Motors manufacture some of the highest quality, reliable and economically viable geared motor

Sumitomo’s Paramax industrial gearboxes and reducers are robust and capable of withstanding strong impact loads

Couplings Suppliers

There is practically an entire catalogue of high quality coupling products produced by many different

How Conveyor Belts Work

The current contemporary design of modern conveyor belts came into existence in the 1970s. It

Machine Operator Training

Maintaining the optimal performance of your machinery involves several steps, and here we will focus

There are many variable speed belt and variable speed pulley options around, but only the

Maintaining the peak performance of machinery is the key to maximising the efficiency and effectives

Idler rollers are an integral part of any rail-riding operation, and when properly specified they

There are many excellent conveyor systems and associated parts available through YB Components, with products

Heynau H-Drive and Mini Drive

Heynau Getreibe manufacture high quality traction drives that are especially suited to operations where noise

There are few better manufacturers of pneumatic industrial machinery components than the firm best known

A recent report published by industrial industry research experts reveals that global investment in robotic

It seems that Swedish car manufacturer Volvo might be in need of some reliable repair

All manufacturers of industrial machinery and machine parts will soon be able to benefit from

Spaggiari Gearboxes

Spaggiari Trasmissioni was acquired by the Motovario Corporation back in 1999, and they have since

Li-Ming Motors

Based in China, the Li-Ming Machinery company specialise in the design and manufacture of high

Exploring Lenze Pulleys

Lenze Selection are the company who manufacture all the Lenze variable speed pulleys and belts.

Ballscrews and Space Telescopes

Ballscrews are not usually considered a particularly interesting talking point, but their inclusion in the

Desch Couplings

Desch are a German manufacturer specialising in the design of industrial clutches and couplings. Here

Since inventing the world’s first push-in fitting back in 1969, Legris have continued expanding their

ConveyXonic Belt Information

The high-powered ConveyXonic High Tension Poly-V belts manufactured by Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems are built

We have previously highlighted many of the most common causes of machinery failure and how

The Swiss linear bearing manufacturer Sferax are experts in the design of linear bearings and

Tschan Couplings merged with Ringfeder Power Transmission a few years ago with the two companies

The task of being a Sumitomo parts supplier can be a busy one thanks to

There are many industrial gearbox manufacturers of renown from a variety of countries around the

Senotec Sensors are a German company specialising in manufacturing capacity level controls such as switching

Enemac Shaft Locking Devices

The clamps, couplings and clutches designed and manufactured by Enemac Maschinentechnik (Machine Technology) can be

Obscure Machine Components

There are so many parts and components available through YB Components that can be shipped

There are many different kinds of processing and packaging machinery in operation around the world

Safely operated industrial-level machinery helps many businesses completes necessary and valuable tasks on time and

The enormous range of optoelectronic sensor products designed by Wenglor Sensors is impressive enough, but

Iwis Chain Drive Systems

Ever since their founding in the late 19th century, Iwis have been growing into one

Industrial machinery experiences a lot of wear and tear which is unavoidable, although many of

Bonora: Motor Specialists

Bonora Electric Motors are an Italian motor manufacturer who have created a multitude of high

Wenglor Sensors: InoxSens

The Wenglor Sensor OKII403C0103 is now available through YB Components who keep stock of the

Tschan couplings are known as some of the most reliable on the market. We have

Couplings: Special Feature

There are so many different coupling designs available from such a wide variety of manufacturers

The Carlisle synchronous drive range provides plenty of options for quiet and efficient belt drive

Sepro AB TYP Controllers

Sepro AB manufacture electrical controllers for mechanical systems, with their applications varying widely from climate

Rader-Vogel Castors

Rader-Vogel Wheels manufacture an extensive range of castors suitable for institutional, industrial and heavy-duty applications.

Rader-Vogel Wheels

Rader-Vogel have been developing wheels, tyres and castors for over 70 years. Their products are

Pujol Muntala Gearboxes

Pujol Transmissions have been manufacturing their high quality gearboxes for over a quarter of a

Kumera Drives have been in business for over 75 years manufacturing multiple clutches and gearboxes.

Machinery breakdowns will always be a thorn in the side of industry, but there are

Many companies around the world must use heavy and intricate industrial machinery to carry out

Industrial gearboxes will usually be quite hardy machine parts, though of course the design and

The financial cost of bearing failures can mount up pretty quickly if due care is

Gearboxes and geared motors are some of the most popular industrial components shipped out by

YB Components have access to the best couplings manufacturers around the world. The selection of

Many industrial business operations involve the use of heavy machinery and other cargo often weighing

German manufacturer Berges have been consistently producing high power transmission variable speed pulleys for nearly

The MSB Series of PMI linear bearing units are designed to achieve a finely balanced

Senotec Sensors are experts in the manufacture of switching amplifiers and filling level probes. They

The MSA Series is a category of linear guideways manufactured by PMI Linear Motion Systems

The PMI (formerly AMT) linear guideways are designed to have a rolling motion that produces

The ConveyXonic series of power transmission belts are revolutionising the roller conveyor manufacturing industry by

Industrial gearbox suppliers such as YB Components have access to a wide variety of gearboxes

One of the most popular products shipped around the world by YB Components is the

The ConveyXonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt that features longitudinal ribs and has

Sirem have been at the forefront of industrial innovation for over 90 years now, manufacturing

              Usually on this blog we like to highlight

There was good news for the German industrial sector recently when the country’s Chambers of

Deepak Drives produce highly efficient variable speed pulleys and belts, many of which are interchangeable

The Nor-Mex series of couplings by Tschan are some of the most flexible and rotationally

Many manufacturers of industrial machinery components make their products available through their own websites or

Sankyo Oilless Industry are the expert manufacturers of specialised machine parts which can be operated

Kauermann Couplings are a German coupling manufacturer operating out of Dusseldorf in western Germany, a

Danfoss Bauer Suppliers

The talented engineers at Danfoss Bauer are well known for manufacturing some of the highest

A look at Reich Couplings

Reich Couplings are a family-run business founded over 70 years ago which has since been

The Convey Xonic is a power transmission elastic belt which features longitudinal ribs and has

One of the most common components found in industrial machinery is the humble coupling. It

Jaure Couplings manufacture one of the most prominent types of coupling across many industrial sectors

One of the most popular types of screw used across many different industries is the

Ave Chains have long forged themselves a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers

Variable Speed Drive Suppliers

There are many pulley and belt manufacturers who produce top quality products, with YB Components

The lifespan of industrial gearboxes will obviously vary according to the design and quality of

Kumera Clutches and Gearboxes

              Kumera clutches and gearboxes have been manufactured by

Siraflex Spring Balancers

              Spring tool balancers are the ideal aid for

                          Pemaks Pneumatic

Enemac are a German-based clutch and coupling manufacturer who also specialise in the design and

Zimmer Brakes and Zimmer Clamps

The Zimmer Group that are behind the Zimmer brakes and Zimmer clamping technologies are able

Italian Gearbox Manufacturers

The automotive industry in Italy has always been a relatively large employer in the country

Maier Heidenheim are one of the most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints in the world.

Li-Ming Machinery Co Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of many different types of industrial

Originally founded as the Japanese Aircraft Electric Company nearly three quarters of a century ago,

Zimmer Damping Technology

The Zimmer Group manufacture premium products for the likes of the mechanical and plant engineering

ZIPP Gearboxes

The ZIPP Group is a manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducers, as well as a

The manufacture of industrial machinery components is one of the most global and internationally diverse

There are a few common problems that variable speed belt and pulley systems often encounter,

Worm drives are a type of gear mechanism where a gear in the form of

Bearings are one of the most important and commonly sought after industrial machinery components. Even

The reliability of TSCHAN coupling products are renowned throughout the world. They can be used

PMI Linear Guideways

The PMI Group first came into existence back at the start of the 1990s, immediately

Carlisle Belts (made under the umbrella company Timken) have many different v-belt designs for a

The first thing that must happen with heavy machinery is ensuring the operating staff are

Wanshsin Seiko is a Chinese manufacturer of specialised gear motors. They have been producing a

Motori Bonora, or Bonora Electric Motors as we tend to refer to them in the

Boneng are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised gearboxes and have been producing

Mondall are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-aligning bearing supports and conveyor components.

The USA-based Spraymation company produce both standard and customized versions of their high quality fluid

  The manufacture of TB Wood’s industrial components has been going from strength to strength

INA Linear Bearings

As part of the Schaeffer Group, INA has been contributing to the automotive and aerospace

The Mann + Hummel Group is responsible for some of the highest tech filtration systems

Legris Push-In Fittings

Legris started out as a small valve manufacturing company in France back in the middle

The manufacture of the Deepak variable speed pulley drives occurs in Pune, India, where thirty-five

The Roulunds Roflex v-belts in general are well known for their versatility. The way they

Carlisle Companies and the Timken Company are well known for the Carlisle variable speed belts

Rectus Hose Couplings

Anyone knowledgeable about quick connect hose coupling systems will likely be able to name Rectus

The Optibelt Super TX Belt is produced by the Arntz Optibelt Group which is one

There is quite a good selection of high quality variable speed belts to choose from,

It’s difficult to travel anywhere in this world using any form of transportation without encountering

90 years of Bauer Gear Motors

Bauer Gear Motor has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient geared-motor units

Our blog recently featured some of the products produced by Sit Couplings, where we took

Spaggiari Trasmissioni is a subsidiary of the Motovario company, which is renowned around the world

Trasco ES zero backlash couplings and Trasco flexible couplings are produced by SIT Couplings, a

Sirem is a French company based near the city of Lyon in France where they

A look at Juboflex Couplings

The flexibility of couplings is especially important when transmitting torque from a drive shaft onto

Senotec Sensors are considered to be one of the world’s best specialists for capacity level

Zurrer Worm Gear Designs

Zurrer has been producing some of the finest examples of worm gears and geared-motors in

AMC Mecanocaucho have been producing top of the range anti-vibration mounts since 1969 and have

A look at AMT Linear Bearings

AMT linear bearings, as they used to be known, are manufactured by the PMI Group.

Falk’s couplings have been considered the industry standard for many, many years now. They are

Sferax is a Swiss company that specialises in linear bearings manufacture. They produce a wide

Osborn’s Load Runners are some of the most sought after rollers as they have been

Gearbox Repair Services

Certain components of industrial machinery will always need a repair service every now and then,

Desch Orpex couplings are primarily used to ensure completely reliable torque transmission thanks to their

Heidelberg has been a major player in the global printing industry for a long time

A look at Sankyo Oilless

Sankyo Oilless specialise in the manufacture of oilless metals and machine parts, which usually involve

Anybody involved in a business that uses heavy machinery should be aware of exactly how

Sepro AB Control Systems

Sepro AB is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacture of high quality control systems

Industrial Noise Reduction

Thanks to government legislation along with increased awareness of the dangers of excessive noise, there

Learning about Heynau Gearboxes

Heynau gearboxes are some of the best mechanical variable speed drives on the market, with

Murtfeldt are a long-established German company who specialise in the production of plastic wearstrips and

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how it’s important to remember that

Companies of all sizes and national or international reach which use industrial machinery will usually

When you need to transmit power from one mechanical shaft to another, then you need

Dinal Flexible Couplings

Dinal Flexible Couplings are an Italian manufacturer of a wide variety of flexible coupling types

Berges are a German manufacturer of variable speed pulleys and speed belts, known in the

Most problems with large machinery are solved via preventative measures before they become actual problems,

If you are operating industrial machinery, or at least supervising or employing people who operate

Desch clutches are produced by an international manufacturer of various drive technologies based in Germany.

Recently, the Bauer Gear Motor Company helped an unnamed leading global aerospace and defence Original

Jaure Couplings have been a leading manufacturer of high quality couplings for nearly sixty years,

Variable speed drives have grown in importance over the course of industrial expansion and the

Wrapflex Couplings are non-lubricated couplings which are used in a variety of applications in many

Vibration isolation is exactly what it says on the tin, and that is the act

Industrial machinery of any kind is usually hard-wearing but it is still prone to failure

Explaining AVE Chains

AVE Chains are a Spanish company based in the Catalonia region. Their products are available

Sumitomo Cyclo Drives

The Sumitomo Concentric Cyclo Drive is special because it operates without gears, with the torque

Senotec manufacture sensors, switching amplifiers and filling level probes, and are regarded as the specialist

This year sees the centenary anniversary of one of the most sought after producers of

A universal joint is a type of coupling which connects two rigid shafts allowing them

Simply put, a coupling is a mechanical device which is primarily used to connect two

Spring tool balancers have long been helping operators manoeuvre their tools with ease by taking

There are a lot of different gearbox styles out there but they all require the

Ballscrews are an essential component of precision machinery as they are a linear actuator that

YB Components has a database of more than 150,000 manufacturers of the likes of Clc22

YB Components has years of experience sourcing and supplying specialist parts such as Sira spring

Industrial interior design is all the rage these days. The ‘warehouse look’ that combines industrial

From Habix couplings, to Jaure couplings, Falk wraplex couplings to Steelflex grid couplings, as we

The cleaning of components and metal is an essential feature of many industrial processes.  Though

In a recent blog YB Components, specialists in the supply of specialist industrial parts like

As long as essential parts and products, such as Sirem motors, Dinal couplings and Berges

Ancillary products come in many shapes, sizes and models. From arrowflex to ave chains, Amt

Linear bearings generally rely on a roller, pad or brushing system as a means of

Hydraulic components are essential for the operation of many tools, cylinders and drive systems. Today

Kumera clutches, Desch clutches, Centrex clutches and Conax clutches, with so many makes and models

From Ave chains to Ballscrews, Amt linear bearings to Berges speed belts, machinery in any

Whether it’s a Kumera gearbox, a Sirem gearbox, a Spaggiari gearbox or any other type

Your Sirem pump has failed, your Spaggiara worm gearbox has finally picked up, your Zurrer

Whether it’s Desch couplings, Dinal couplings, Enemax couplings, Falk couplings, Jaure coupling, Tschan coupling, or

Are you paying too much for your industrial parts? Perhaps the likes of Deepak variable

Industrial equipment comprises of an intricate and complex network of internal components of the likes

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition and functionality

It’s no secret that 3D printing has come an extremely long way in a fairly

A variable speed pulley is a piece of equipment that is used to change the

Couplings comes in many different sizes, shapes, types and forms. From flexible spider couplings to

Whether it’s an Enemac clutch, a Desch clutch, a Conax clutch or just about any

Is your conveyor system past its sell-by date? Are you worried that any day now

Did you know you can pick up industrial machinery at auctions? These specific types of

It’s no secret that relying on a complex network of the likes of Trasco flexible

Power tools noise reduction tips

With a complex array of internal components such as Falk couplings, Enemac torque limiters, Ave

From Enemac couplings to Falk couplings, industrial couplings have a primary function of connecting rotating

It’s no secret that whether it’s a Planox clutch, Desch clutches, or any type of

Working with geared motors

From Bauer gearboxes to Heynau geared motors, Pujol gearboxes to Spaggiari geared motors, there of

You need to locate some variable speed pulleys and belts. Do you opt for Berges,

Enemac clutches, Desch clutches, Conax clutches, or whatever type of industrial clutch you operate, will

In a blog earlier this year, we explored how to maintain industrial hydraulic components in

Heynau gearboxes, Pujol geared motors, Pujol geared units, Parallel shaft gearboxes and Sirem gear motors,

If there is one technological advancement that looks set to soar in the forthcoming decades,

Kumera gearboxes, Lamidisc all steel couplings Helical-geared motor bg series, Jaure couplings, Heynau gearboxes, Habix

Whilst noise goes hand in hand with manufacturing and using heavy machinery, severe noise can

Do you use Sferax linear bearings? Or maybe you rely on AMT linear bearings? Whatever

Sitex couplings, Sitex st couplings, Sitex fl couplings, Sit couplings, Trasco es zero backlash couplings,

Industrial gearbox upgrades might sound costly and time-consuming but could actually save you time and

Industrial equipment and component manufacturers are an essential part of a production line. With the

Every responsible and wise company recognises that sustainability is good for business. With green practices

In today’s manufacturing environment, businesses are under increased pressure to meet deadlines with the upmost

Machinery in the workplace is essential in reducing labour time and increasing production. Whilst industrial

Whether you use Sitex fl couplings, SItex st couplings, Sit couplings, or just about any

From news emerging about Sirem suppliers, to the latest developments about Senotex sensors, the YB

Orpex couplings, Jaure couplings, Juboflex couplings and Habix couplings, and just about every other make

From Sirem gear motors to Spaggiari geared motors, the Helical-geared motor bg series to Liming

Following on from our blog about safety tips when operating industrial machinery, this blog will

From a small pressing machine to a huge power plant, almost every piece of industrial

The correct operation of industrial machinery is a foundational principle of work safety. Whether you

As we wrote in a blog in 2014, hydraulic, like pneumatic systems, rely on the

Gearboxes, of all shapes, sizes and models, are an essential component of many power transmission

For reasons related to the environment, cost of ownership, reliability and anticipating future regulations, gearbox

Assessing the amount of vibration a piece of machinery is creating is a good way

When a piece of machinery fails it inevitably costs a company resources, time and money.

Spagiarri gearboxes, Sirem gearboxes, Zurrer gearboxes, Worm gearboxes, or just about every type of industrial

Eliminating gearbox noise

It doesn’t matter if you are operating Pujol geared motors, parallel shift gearboxes, a Sirem

If you or any of your employees operate machinery within a working environment, you should

Imagine this. You’re operating a power tool for endless hours a day. It’s working great

Gearboxes for wind turbines are challenging both to repair and maintain. This is primarily due

The sale of industrial couplings and bearings are being driven by significant growth in developing

The use of wind energy worldwide continues to steadily increase. In 2013 the Global Wind

Whether you work in the printing industry, textiles, manufacturing, mining or shipping, or any kind

Carrying on from last week’s blog when we touched up the potential detrimental effects rust

Whatever industry you work in, whether it’s textile, mining, canning or any type of sector

Advice for cleaning bearings

Sferax linear bearings, AMT linear bearings or just about any type of bearing, all have

Out of all the manufacturing industries, the textile sector is one of the most complex.

Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari gearboxes, Sumitomo gearboxes and Worm gearboxes, whatever type of gearbox you use,

Limiting machinery vibration

Sitex couplings, Sirem pumps, Spaggiari large belt-closed motor variators, Wrapflex couplings and Zurrer drivers, all

How important is selecting the right coupling in influencing successful output of a machine? In

Sirem gearboxes, Spaggiari geared-motor units, Zurrer worm gears and Sumitomo gearboxes and every industrial gearbox

Since 2005 when we expanded our business from a local service to a global organisation,

Lubrication is an essential feature of every piece of machinery. Proper lubrication will ensure machines