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Best lubricants and anti-freeze for ancillary products


Ancillary products come in many shapes, sizes and models. From arrowflex to ave chains, Amt linear bearings to AMC Anti-Vibration, Murtdfeldt Wearstrips and Tensioners to Senotec Level Sensore, YB Components are specialists in sourcing and supplying a broad range of ancillary products made by lesser known manufacturers.

Like all industrial components ancillary products need lubricated in order to maintain their condition and keep operating at their optimum.

If you are wanting to lubricate any type of industrial ancillary product, take a look at some of the best lubricants available for the likes of Sira spring balancers and Ave chains.

GB Long-life anti-freeze

In its guide on lubricants and anti-freeze for ancillary products, GB Lubricants recommends GB Meg Antifreeze. A premium quality anti-freeze concentrate and engine coolant, designed to protect agricultural, heavy goods, off-road plant engines and other types of vehicles from frost, whilst providing “outstanding rust and corrosion protection to all parts of the cooling system.”

GB Universal Brake Fluid

According the BG Lubricants, GB Universal Brake Fluid is a premium synthetic brake and clutch fluid that is designed to be used on motorbikes, commercial vehicles and cars.

GB Long-Life Antifreeze

GB Long-Life Antifreeze is an engine coolant concentrate that is ethylene glycol based. Using Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology, GB Long-Life Antifreeze does not contain any amines, nitrites, molybdate, borates, phosphates or silicates. GB Long-Life Antifreeze helps to protect engines from damage that can be caused by frost, whilst protecting the components in the cooling system from corrosion and rust.

If you are looking for a specialist part for industrial equipment such as an adjustable center variable speed pulley, a Conax clutch, or a Cls33-w senotec switching amplifier, then you are in the right place. YB Components are specialists in the supply of couplings, clutches, industrial gearboxes, motor, belts, variable speed pulleys, plus many, many more ancillary products. If you are struggling finding the part you are looking for, get in touch with the YB Components’ team.

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